Whirlpool's Cabrio Top Load Washer Is my New favorite!

Mar 16, 2012
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Pros:No more soap build up on your clothes, and lower electric bills.

Cons:Not having this machine a long time ago.

The Bottom Line: Washing day is becoming easier and easier as technology continues to advance. It is now a pleasure to do my wash.

When it was time to buy a new washer and dryer, I wanted the best I could get for energy savings and water savings, and of course for taking the best care of my clothes! 

With the Whirpool Cabrio Top Load Washer, I got that and more.  I would rather have my new washer and dryer, than a diamond.  I feel like a princess with a maid, because my washer and dryer take such good care of my clothes.

I also want to add here, that just the efficiency with energy and water usage, my electric bill has dropped considerably.  I feel this machine will have paid for it'self over time.   

Here is an over view of the features: 

There is a very important safety feature with this machine, it will not run, unless the lid is shut and locked.  This avoids any unnecessary accidents with small children or pets getting in and getting hurt. 

The Whirpool Cabrio Top Load Washer  has two buttons to press to turn it on. First you press the power button and set your dials to the appropriate settings and when everything is set correctly, and your clothes and detergents are added, you press start, which quickly locks the lid and your wash begins.  If you find after you started your wash, that you forgot to add something, you press start again, and it pauses and unlocks the lid, now you may add your item, and press start and the lid will lock and the wash will continue along.
There are sensing mechanisms going on at all times during the wash cycle, sensing how dirty, how wet and making sure the load is balanced.  If any of these senses determine something, it adjusts the water, the load and the detergent and agitation/rotation accordingly, to make a completely clean as possible result with your clothing.  

When I first began using my Whirpool Cabrio Top Load Washer, I looked and looked, and read directions over and over again, looking for the water level. 
In my old machine, you had large, medium and small water level, depending upon how much clothing was being washed.  But, I soon found out that that is what the sensing mechanisms are for, they sense how much water is needed based on the clothes you have loaded into your machine.  So the machine determines the amount of water needed to wash the items you have put into the machine and takes into consideration of the settings you press, whether it is perma press, or whites or delicate clothes etc. All things are taken into consideration for the task. 

This is probably my favorite feature, that the Whirlpool's Cabrio Top Load Washer has, is, if the clothes aren't put into the washer in an even distribution around the stainless steel tub, and the weight is not distributed evenly, the washer will go off balance.  This will result in a big bang kind of sound, but just look at the dial, and usually it will begin to use all it's sensors to correct the problem, usually by delivering water in a certain amount to balance the weight of the clothing, and moving the clothing slowly and into different directions until it corrects the problem.  
Nine times out of ten, the washer will balance the load and continue and give you beautifully washed clothes.  If on the outside chance the washer cannot correct the problem, you may manually have to reach in and distribute the clothing around evenly yourself, and then the washer will continue to cycle through and wash your clothes. 

There also is a Delay wash button for 2, 4 or 6 hours, if you want to ready your load, and don't want it to start until a certain time, this allows for that.

About 15 settings on the dial as follows:

Bulky Items 
Heavy Duty 
Clean Washer/with Affresh
Deep Water soak
Rinse/Drain &Spin 
Quick Wash 
Active Wear 
Casual (perma press) 

This washer uses what is called H2 Low(meaning low amounts of water) 
and you must use only Laundry soap that has "He" on the label, because it is designed to work with this type of High efficiency washer.  

There is a dispenser for the "He Laundry soap" and a dispenser for  Bleach and one for Fabric Softener.

Whirlpool's Cabrio Top Load Washer also has what they call an "Eco Monitor" and an "Eco Boost" setting to set it higher or lower depending on what need is there. 
There is another setting for Xtra Rinse, and another one for "Deep Clean". 

So, That about covers just about any Laundry challenge you may run into, just by setting the dials to the appropriate settings, you will be amazed as to how beautiful your clothes will come out, and you will also find your clothes will look newer longer.

My opinion based on my experience with the Whirlpool's Cabrio Top Load Washer:

As I may have already indicated, I am in love with the performance of this machine.  I was very skeptical at first, however, as I have always used the common washer with the big agitator in the middle, that pushes the clothes against them selves and against the agitator to get them clean, in kind of a scrubbing motion, as I call it.  

But Now, there is no agitator, so I couldn't understand how our clothes could get clean, using less water and less detergent etc.  But, I am convinced and never have any interest of trying to go back to the old ways.  

There is a big Clear lid, so you can look in and see what is happening, which is very interesting to me.  The water starts coming into the stainless steel tub from different directions, and different forces, depending on what cycle it is on.  I liken it to the waves of the ocean, how it washes up and over the rocks and other things in the water and smooths out the debris and leaves you with a beautifully smooth rock.    I realize that that process with the rock takes a long time to get it smooth, but I am looking at it from the standpoint of removing the unwanted dirt and grim, leaving it clean, and done gently as to not to damage the rock. 

One more analogy I have is the comparison of taking a bath as apposed to having a shower.  When you sit in a tub full of soapy water and soak your body, all your soil goes into the water and there you sit in the soapy and now dirty water.  If you got out now and then just towel dried yourself and got dressed, you may smell better, but not necessarily be as clean as you could be.  But when you shower, you are continually having clean fresh water going over your body with your soap and rinsing everything away to leave a squeaky clean body, to towel dry and get dressed, clean and fresh. 

Just like the new Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer is like a shower for your clothes, rather than a bath.  Leaving them cleanly rinsed and fresh and free from any soap residue to build up.  Of course, these are just my thoughts to compare the differences between the agitator washer full of water and soap, to the free flowing of water and detergent swishing over our clothing and rinsing them well. 

When I thought of my washer using less water, I thought my clothes would not get clean enough, but now as I watched it, I realize it is using the water in a whole new way.  The Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer is getting the clothes wet, and at the same time combining the detergent and other additives to clean the clothes, then it drains the water and cleaning agents and then starts with clean water rushing over the clothes  and rinsing them with many more times of clean water rushing over the clothes, and sensing how much is left to remove.  Once the Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer senses that the additives have been thoroughly rinsed away and the clothes are clean, then it spins them to a very dry damp, so that they are ready for the Dryer.   The sounds that this machine makes are almost like a space ship sound, with whirring, and then the sea waves sounds. So all in all the sounds of my Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer is quite soothing.  

Yes I recommend this washer as number one in my book, my clothes never looked better, and I don't have the build up of old detergent that builds up over time, dulling your colors and causing skin irritations etc.  

Thank you for reading and rating my review.

I hope you consider this machine for a time in your life when you are ready to upgrade your appliances. 

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