Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Dishwasher - gets em squeaky clean!

Aug 8, 2005
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Pros:Excellent performance, quiet, Looks good

Cons:Top rack bar gets in the way

The Bottom Line: An excellent choice for any kitchen at a decent price

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I pride myself on being able to load a dishwasher to maximum capacity. I look forward to the call from my wife of "Honey, can you come fix the dishwasher?" which means she's attempted to load it, but now needs me to rearrange everything to fit the most dishes per wash. Ah yes, it's good to be needed.

When you buy a new house, usually it comes with a dishwasher. And usually if you get the included one, it's not very good. So we opted to upgrade to the Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Dishwasher. This is an excellent dishwasher with one glaring flaw - the top rack spinner mechanism seriously gets in the way and hampers my dishwasher optimization techniques.

•• What it is ••
The Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Dishwasher is an under the counter dishwasher. Ours is white to match everything else.

•• Features and Commentary ••
Like every other dishwasher it has a top and bottom rack. It has a water spinner for each rack and the silverware drawer is attached to the door so it doesn't take up much space. Supposedly it is an Extra Large Capacity, but I haven't noticed it being much larger than any other dishwasher we've owned. I will say the silverware rack on the door is a fantastic feature that does allow more dishes in the washer.

Of note is the noise of the dishwasher, or lack thereof. This one is very quiet, I love it. It does make some noise, obviously, but is remarkably quiet. We're quite pleased with the lack of noise and we can run it any time including when the children are sleeping. Of course it helps that we drug them with Nyquil.

The Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity Dishwasher has 6 cycles with the obligatory names of Post and Pans, heavy, etc. It seems that every dishwasher has a pots and pans cycle which merely means it runs longest. There is no evidence that little elves come out with scouring pads and scrub the pots and pans.

We generally use our dishwasher on Normal since my wife is one of those people who feels the dishes must be cleaned before they are put in the dishwasher. I feel it's the dishwashers job to wash the dishes so I have no problem leaving half eaten chicken carcasses on the plate and tossing it in. But that never happens so needless to say the dishes come out sparkling clean. for those who like their dishes sterilized, there is an option for hi-temp wash. This heats the water up to 165 degrees. I'd love to try a cycle on pots and pans with hi-temp wash, but my wife doesn't want the kids plastic stuff to melt. But next time she and the kids go on vacation, I'ma gonna try it.

The appearance of the dishwasher is clean and simple. Instead of buttons, it has a "Clean touch" surface which consists of soft raised pads kind of like a cell phone. Since the "buttons" are all part of the same face, cleaning is as easy as wiping across it with a sponge. Additionally, the operation takes a more simplistic approach. There is no LED and the lights are limited to 3, indicating whether it is washing, rinsing, or done.

For those with parents (or husbands who like to open the washer mid-cycle to give their face a steam-bath) there is a lock setting which obviously doesn't allow the door to be opened.

Other miscellaneous features include a 4 hour delay button which we find unnecessary due to the quiet nature of the machine and an option to turn on/off heated dry. The heated dry works well, but the stuff comes out very hot. Again, we don't use this feature due to my wife's fear of scorched, melting plastic. Our results show that the heated dry is really not necessary as the dishes come out dry except for a little bit of water left on the tops of glasses.

The only complaint I have with this dishwasher is the spinning bar for the top rack. It extends down a little further than I like and after arranging the dishwasher just so, I find the bottom rack doesn't always slide under. So I'm forced to repeatedly test my load throughout the dishwasher optimization process. Along those same lines, if the bar does get blocked, there's no alert indicating to me so. The bar just doesn't spin and the dishes don't come out as clean. It really isn't all that big of a deal, just something to be aware of.

•• Conclusion ••
An all around solid dishwasher, with the one usability flaw of the top rack spinning bar. But due to its overall performance, quiet operation and sleek look, this is a great dishwasher. But if your husband is a dishwasher optimization master, then he should be aware of its shortcoming.

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