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May 7, 2011 (Updated May 7, 2011)
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Pros:1200-WATTS! Fast Cooking! Even Cooking! Sensor Cooking! Large Size! Blue LED Display! Easy To Clean!

Cons:Ending Tone Too Soft!

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for one of the best microwaves you can buy, for an affordable price, I think this one fits the bill nicely.

I have owned several microwaves in m lifetime. My first two microwaves were ones that didn't have a carousel, and they were not that good. My last microwave was a Sharp, and it did have a carousel, but it was quite small, there was not a whole lot of things you could get inside it. I think it was only 700-watts, cause it would take forever to heat up something as well.

When my Sharp finally went out, it was off to the store to buy a new one. However, when it comes to microwaves, you want to buy a good brand. And I'm sorry, but your not going to find anything of quality at your local Walmart or Target. So instead, I went with a local appliance store in my area. That’s when I came across this large Whirlpool microwave for $269.00.

FEATURES: Manual cook-time settings. Power level settings. Sensor cooking. Timer. Adjustable options menu. Blue LED display. 1200-watts cooking power. Large carousel turn table. 1.7 CU FT.

PACKAGING: While our local outlet carried this model in white or black, I chose black cause it looks better, and its harder to see dirt that might be on it. I felt it was boxed very well, it had hard foam pieces on each side of the microwave, top and bottom. And there was a soft foam bag covering the entire microwave to prevent scrapes and scuffs. There was also a plastic covering around the door and control panel to prevent finger prints.

MODEL VERSION: Keep in mind that this is a on the counter-top microwave, it is not a range model designed to go above your stove. This model is 13" high, so make sure your cabinet's leave enough room to get the microwave on the counter. I measured my cabinet's, and they have 16.5" of clearance from cabinet to counter-top. Also keep in mind, that this model of microwave uses the plug style where the cord goes straight down.

Which basically means, if you already have something plugged into the bottom plug in the outlet, you won't be able to plug this microwave into the top one, unless you use a plug extender. I am not sure why Whirlpool did this, maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is a high powered device. The cord length is very short, so make sure there is a plug close by.

OPERATION: The first thing I did when I plugged the microwave in, is I set the clock. Like with all microwaves, to set the clock, just press "CLOCK" and then input the time using the number pad, and then press "CLOCK" again, and your done. This unit has a timer, however does not start or stop the microwave. It has the ability to countdown from 99-minutes, so look at it like an egg timer, I personally don't have any use for it.

The control lock is a nice function, as you know, we don't want children using a microwave. So by locking the control panel, they will not be able to use it, I like this feature and wish that all microwaves had it. All you have to do is press and hold the off button for several seconds to activate it, and do the same to deactivate it.

The options menu allows you to turn the audible tones the microwaves make, on or off. It also allows you to turn the clock display on/off, set the scroll speed of the display, and change the weight measurement from LBS to KGS, depending on your location in the world.

SENSOR OPTIONS: One of the best features this microwave has, is the sensor cooking method. I can literally stick a bowl of chilly, soup, or whatever else, and choose the proper sensor cooking option, and the microwave will literally cook or reheat the food to the proper temperature, without overheating. This is because the microwave uses a humidity sensor, the steam that comes off the food, that’s how it knows when to stop.

To use sensor cooking, first cover the food to be heated up with plastic wrap, then put a hole in the plastic wrap. Stick the food in the microwave, and then keep pressing sensor cook or sensor heat, until you find the proper sensor option for the type of food you are trying to heatup. Then press start, and away it goes!

The microwave can also sensor cook popcorn! Just stick the bag of microwavable popcorn into the microwave, and hit sensor popcorn. The microwave will literally choose the proper heat level, and time to cook, just like with the other sensor options. However, since microwave popcorn can be very picky about its cooking time, be sure to stay at the microwave anyway, as to pull it out when its only 1-pop per second or two.

When using any sensor setting, you will notice that it will make a couple of tones after awhile. I heard it do this, and went into the kitchen to investigate, only to find that the microwave was still running. When you first engage sensor cooking, it will scroll the sensor mode you chose in the display, such as, SOUP, or POTATO. However, once it has run almost its entire cycle, it will make a couple audible beeps, to let you know it will be done soon. And then you will see it counting down from 30-seconds.

MANUAL OPERATION: Sometimes, we don't like to use computerized automatic control, sometimes we like to do things the old school way, the manual way. This is super simple to do. First choose your cooking time, weather it be 1-minute or 10-minutes, then choose your power level based on the type of food you are cooking or reheating. When it comes to heating up a cup of coffee, I just find that its easier to use manual heating.

Sometimes, some foods we heat up, must be stirred after awhile, when heating for large amounts of time, regardless of power level. Old microwaves required you to remember to come back to the microwave at a set time to do this. However, if I am like most people, I forget to come back to do this. This microwave has a cooking stage option, that allows you to set several stages of cooking.

This basically means that I could set the microwave to run for 2-minutes on stage 1, and 4-minutes on stage 2, and say another 2-minutes on stage 3. In between each stage, the microwave will stop, to allow you to stir the dish, and then you just hit start, leave the microwave, and come back when the next stage is complete, to stir some more!

EXPERIENCE: One of the many things I like about this microwave, is the fact that it will never burn my food, like my previous microwaves. The built in sensor system, combined with the moving carousel, allows for evening cooking all across the board. I can heatup a cup of coffee in only a minute, where as my old Sharp would take 2-minutes. I can heatup soups and entrees in between 3 to 4 minutes, where as the old Sharp would take 6 to 8 minutes.

I really love how much larger this microwave is! It is so large, I could literally fit a whole turkey, or couple of chickens inside for auto defrost. Or if you are one of those people who like to entertain, you can fit a large serving plate inside, or heatup 4-cups of coffee at the same time! And because of this microwaves 1200-watts of raw cooking power, this microwave can do anything in half the time, then your old microwave!

Do you own one of those microwaves that seem like its very loud when operating? One of the things that impressed me about this microwave, is that it is pretty quiet. I can honestly say, that when watching a tv show, or a movie, I can't hear it in the next room. However, when in the kitchen, it’s a low tone sound, and I just love looking at that pretty blue LED display.

The microwave has a light inside so you can view your food or coffee as its being heated up. When the microwave finishes a cycle, it will beep 5-times. Unlike other microwaves I have used in the past that were nice and loud, I am sorry to say that this microwave uses a softer ending tones. So, if you are watching a movie, and you got the sound up, you probably won't hear your microwave stopping.

When the microwave ends a cycle, it will say "END" in the display. However, when you press the door opening latch to open the door, it will then change to scrolling the message, "ENJOY YOUR MEAL." Oh how friendly my new microwave is. It is also very easy to clean this microwave, a warm rag is all you really need. And the turntable is machine washable, how can you beat that for versatility?

CONCLUSION: While there are many models of microwaves out there, I believe I picked out the perfect one. Cause I am getting quality, and features, for an affordable price. Though I did notice the stainless steel models, I don't really need those, and they start at $325.00, and go up from there, way above my budget! This is the perfect size for any microwave enthusiast, and will allow anyone to cook, without burning something.

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