Oct 5, 2009 (Updated Oct 5, 2009)
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Pros:Nice looking.
Dried clothes when it worked.

Cons:Moisture sensor is not very accurate.
Failed in less than 2 years.

The Bottom Line: Not recommended if you like to have a working long term relationship with it.

We bought our Whirlpool Duet Sport dryer in 2007.  In September 2009, the front panel display started showing weird settings that did not correspond to what the control knobs were set at, and the dryer would not start.  The applicance repair person we called in told us the two electronic control boards would have to be replaced, and that he'd seen a number of these problems before.  We and he checked to make sure it had power (it did), unplugged it for a minute to attempt to reset the electronics, but no go.  The repair estimate plus the cost of the repair diagnostic visit is almost the price of a new one.  We will be replacing this dryer, but it won't be a Whirlpool.  Our previous (and less expensive) non-Whirlpool dryer was still going strong after 12 years, but we had left it for the buyers of our previous house, expecting to buy a brand new one that would last as least as long as that one.  We had declined the salesperson's offer of an extended warranty at the time we bought this appliance, assuming that Whirlpool meant quality and that a dryer should last more than 2 years; we now regret that decsion.

To be fair, this appliance was relatively easy to use, and has a lot of drying settings, most of which we never used but which might appeal to others.  It did dry clothes, just like our previous dryer, but not noticeably faster or slower.  The moisture sensor wasn't very accuate, as it kept going at full heat for 10s of minutes after we determined that all the laundry was bone dry (we tested several times).  Our main reason for buying this model was that it was stackable with its companion HE front load washer, which fit better in the smaller space available in our new house.

We expected to be using this appliance for a number of years more, and in light of its failing on us in only 2 years (we do laundry on average 2 loads a week), we cannot recommend this product.

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