ERROR F-01 on duet washing machine

Nov 14, 2006
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Just got this washing machine--LOVE IT!! Except my son played with the controls while it was running & it stopped & displayed "F-01" error. I reviewed the owner's manual & there was not an index of error codes, luckily for me it is still under warranty, so i called whirlpool & they set us up with a repair call. SOOO, the repair man comes, he unscrews the bottom of my washer & there is a "secret manual" in there for repairmen. He opened the manual, found the code & fixed the machine......and the secret to fixing an "f-01" error....UNPLUG THE MACHINE FOR 2 MINUTES & then plug in again!!!! So glad the machine is working, but if I did not have the warranty in effect I would have had paid for the service call. You would think that the customer service reps at the 1-800 # would have told me to do this...oh well! hope this saves somebody some $$$$...GL!

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