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May 27, 2007
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Pros:Huge capacity, no agitator, Top loader

Cons:lid locks, some preset setting can't be changed

The Bottom Line: if you need a large capacity machine..this is it!!

About a month ago our washing machine gave out and I finally had a good reason to buy a new one. I did lots of research and asked lots of people their opinions on their machines and I found that most of those who had front loaders didn’t like them so I stayed away from those and went for a top loader. I wanted something with a really large capacity like my grandmother in a law who doesn’t have an agitator in hers. She has a GE brand washer but it is 100% computerized which I was not liking so my next option was the Whirlpool Cabrio. I looked at various models and chose this one because it has an extra large tub with no agitator but what I call a “nub” in it place.

This Whirlpool Cabrio didn’t have the greatest reviews but I decided to try it anyways. I read complaints about the tub giving codes about being unbalanced and too much suds to name a few. I am pleased to say that so far I have received no errors and my machine has worked as advertised.

Here are majority of the features on the Whirlpool Cabrio

** 11 Wash Cycles
** Adjustable Soil Level
** Adjustable Spin Speed
** Adjustable Wash-rinse Temp
** Delay Wash
** Deep Clean Option
** Extra Rinse Option
** PreSoak
** End of Cycle Signal.
** 4.5 Cubic feet
** Add a Garment Light
** Lid Lock
** Pause/Cancel button
**Sixth Sense Technology
** High Efficiency
** Energy Star Compliant

When our new set was delivered, it was installed for us but it was pretty basic, hooking up the water hoses and drain hose and the very important leveling of the machine so it doesn’t walk. The delivery guy couldn’t test the water temps because once you turn it on the lid locks but I did read in the manual that there is a code to let you know if the hoses are hooked up wrong.

We had a weeks worth of laundry that had to be done so I couldn’t wait to get started and I was literally amazed at how much clothes this thing holds. We did about 7-8 loads in 4 loads. I know that sounds impressive but I am sure you are well does it clean…and to tell you the truth it cleaned just fine. I can’t say that it cleans any better then my other machine but it sure doesn’t clean any worse.

This machine isn’t the one with the window in the door so I can’t actually watch my clothes get cleaned and I have admit there are times I am curious because the machine is pretty dang quiet that I have to wonder is it really working. My mother still doesn’t understand how it cleans without the agitator but I suspecting the washplate “nub” thing is swishing the clothes around and the tub probably also agitates itself.

I also have no control over the water level, the machine senses how much water it needs. You know this is happening by the weird sound it makes in the beginning. I basically add the clothes then the detergent and softener to their designated dispensers and set my wash cycle ( I usually always use the normal cycle) and let it run. There is a little light that let you know you are allowed to add garments in case you forget something. To do that you just hit the pause button and the lid unlocks. When you’re done, hit the start button but prepared for the timer to completely reset itself each time you open it back up. If you need to cancel a wash, just push the pause/cancel button twice and it will drain and spin the water out.

I haven’t used all the cycles yet but you get these..

** Whitest Whites
** Heavy Duty
** Bulky items
** Sheets/towels
** Normal
** Causal/ Perm Press
** Colors/ Darks
** Quick Wash
** Wool
** Delicate/handwash
** Clean Washer (used to clean the washer with bleach water)

All of the cycles are pretty self-explanatory and if you ask me un-needed. Each cycle has preset options such as spin speed, soil level and wash-rinse temp. Now some of them can be adjusted and others can’t. They also each have a different time setting. So far I have only used the Normal, Bulky Item, delicate and quick wash cycle, the quick wash cycle is a great one for the not so dirty items or just something that sat all winter long and needed to smell fresh again. As mentioned before I prefer the normal cycle that runs about 43 minutes if nothing extra is like a deep cleaning is added.

Overall I very pleased with my Whirlpool Cabrio. There are a few things I wish that could be changed or controlled…Like the fact that I can’t open the lid to see the tub move or that I can’t override every preset setting. One of things my mother doesn’t like is the fact she can no longer soak her clothes in oxiclean over night. We can add it for the presoak setting but that only adds a few extra minutes and she really likes to soak things for at least a couple hours. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention there is a power button which is just the dumbest but it is there.

I paid about $750.00 for this and I am receiving an $80.00 rebate from our power company since it is a HE unit. They also recommend using only HE detergent but I had just bought a brand new Costco size Tide of the regular stuff and I noticed that if I use only half the amount I have no problem with over sudsing and my clothes come out nice and clean. I did notice I need to use a little more then a full cap of Downy to soften the extra clothes in there.

Would I recommend it, you bet! Stay tuned for my matching Dryer review to follow shortly..

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