Whirlpool GU2300 is a good, quiet dishwasher

Mar 28, 2008 (Updated Jun 13, 2012)
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Pros:Clean dishes, quiet, attractive in stainless

Cons:Long cycle, Fragile silverware tray and laundry detergent closing tabs.

The Bottom Line: For a middle of the line dishwasher, you'll get clean dishes and won't be bothered with noise. And it will look pretty and modern in your kitchen.

Update from June 13, 2012
It's been more than four years since I bought my GU2300 dishwasher, and I still love it.
I can attest that it still runs efficiently, still makes my dishes, including glasses, sparkling clean. And it's still super quiet! I only hear it during one part of the cycle, and it's never loud enough to make me turn up my television or phone. Great buy!

Update from November 2010

More than two and a half years after buying it, I still love my dishwasher. I've read some other reviews, and have some comments: First, I too started having the stuck-detergent issue, and my dishes started looking gritty. In fact, it got so bad that I thought my dishwasher was broken! I called the manufacturer and they helped me over the phone, explaining that since I have hard water, I may need to clean my dishwasher. They talked me through a vinegar rinse, which did nothing for me. Then they recommended "dishwasher cleaner" and that worked splendidly. I found it at Target. I use it every few months, along with Lemushine every six cycles or so. It really is the hard water that is causing the problem, as my dishwasher runs perfectly when I clean it every so often and my glasses come out absolutely beautiful, sparkling, with no grit or spots.
Original review:

My husband and I finally got to buy a new house after a lifetime of renting and paying someone else's mortgage, using someone else's pick of appliances, and living with someone else's decor. So we were thrilled with our new home. We were less than thrilled with our builder-grade appliances.

It took a year to save enough cash to replace an appliance, and the first one was the dishwasher. The builder grade Whirlpool made a half-hearted effort at swirling around some soap and hot water and calling the results clean. The truth is the dishes came out gritty, and usually dirtier than they went in. We had the added bonus of a bunch of debris on the bottom of our dishwasher which was difficult to reach. And ick, who wants to dig that soggy mess out with their bare hands?

So I studied up on my epinions reviews and decided on a Bosch or a Whirlpool, in the $500-$800 range.

The selection at our local Lowe's was not as diverse as the reviews on Epinions, so I was down to an $800 Bosch or a $600 Whirlpool, the GU2300 (both in stainless). We definitely wanted stainless steel, and you should be aware that stainless steel finish is always more expensive. In this case, we were looking at over $100 difference between each model's stainless and other finishes. But if you are an informed house-updater who pays attention to her HGTV, you know you've just raised the value of your home (or so they say, and until the next trend which had better not be white, the cheapest!). Plus, yes, stainless looks brilliant and chic.

Any problems with installation?
No, thanks for asking. We had it installed by Lowe's. A couple young-looking gentleman showed up and said less than ten words to us while they quietly and quickly installed the dishwasher. Note that our salesman sold us a replacement cord for $7 that he says is usually needed, and I believe they did need it. There was no hassle, no strange fittings, it slid in under our standard counter-top and they hooked it up and did a test run.

How loud is it?
I didn't know he did the test run. I was sitting at our dining room table in my great room, kitty corner to my kitchen. When we had the old dishwasher, I could hear it clearly from that position and it would distract me when I was on a phone call. We had to turn the volume up a couple bars on the tv before, and now I could still hear the tv just fine without any adjustment at all. Just now, as I'm writing my review, I remember that I'm running my dishwasher but I have to pay attention to hear it, and then I can only hear part of the cycle as a low non-intrusive hum. The rest is silent.

Technically, the guide says it's 61 db. The Bosch we looked at was listed at 51 db, but most of the other dishwashers we looked at were closer to the 61. I don't need the dishwasher to be perfectly silent, extremely quiet is fine for me.

Break it to me about the dishes
This dishwasher has a few different cycles including normal, power scour (with additional nozzles in the back aimed at the back of the bottom row where you can stash your dirtiest dishes), sanitary (extra hot water), and pots and pans. There is a heated and non-heated dry, and a four-hour delay so you can do the dishes in the middle of the night.

I have used the pots and pans and power scour modes twice and they did a good job of blowing off extra crusty pans when we baked lasagna and grilled steak with lots of barbecue sauce. But I usually use the normal setting, and it does good work. Basically, I move my dishes from the dishwasher to the cabinets and they shine well and are spotless. This is a big departure from the detour they took to a sink full of hot soapy water when we were using the old one.

Is it perfect? No. I occasionally have to wipe away scrambled eggs from a spatula that didn't get a quick rinse before it was stuck in the silverware tray, and sometimes have to dump a very small amount of water out of the concaved bottom of my coffee cup. No big deal, I certainly don't avoid putting away dishes because I'm usually happy.

You do need to use a rinse aid. And I have noticed what some other reviewers did about powdered soap getting clumped and stuck to the back of the door. I switched to tabs and haven't had a problem since. They even have the rinse aid included.

I paid attention to other people's warnings that the tabs on the silverware tray and soap dispenser are fragile, and have been careful and haven't had a problem. They do seem somewhat fragile to me, but not difficult to use gently.

Update about Silverware Tray
After a few months of using this dishwasher, I do need to comment that the tab that keeps the silverware tray closed doesn't do a great job and our tray often falls open. This can be very inconvenient if it happens when you're lifting the tray out of the dishwasher. I've closed it permanently with a couple pull tabs as it doesn't seem necessary to ever have it open.

The dishes come out dry when using the heated dry cycle, something we couldn't always count on before.

The cycle is long, around two hours from start to dry.

What about the size/space/organization?
There is very little flexibility with the racks and tines in this dishwasher compared to some others we looked at, but I didn't foresee wanting to spend ten minutes before loading the dishwasher to customize every time I needed to do dishes. You can raise the top rack easily by pulling on four tabs, allowing for big/tall pans on the bottom. I do use this a lot after making big dinners.

There are two adults and two kids in my family and we go through a lot of dishes. We run the dishwasher every night, and easily fit all the dishes from the day. Silverware included. The silverware rack can be moved all over the place, but I usually stick it right in the first row of the bottom rack and it still leaves room for all our bigger dishes. It has two compartments with a fold down lid for bottle nipples and other small pieces you don't want flying around inside.

There is a built-in food disposal, so there is no gunk in the bottom of the dishwasher, another big relief after our builder-grade version. One reason we didn't go with the more expensive (and more customizable, smaller) Bosch is because it didn't have the food disposal. Apparently that's an American thing. Another reason to love this country.

It's pretty
I mentioned that the stainless steel is nifty. The control panel on this one is black and visible, whereas some of the others were a sleeker look with the panel on the top of the door, hidden when the door was closed. But my husband and I both like the black control panel and we like being able to see where in the cycle the dishes are. There's a cool light on the front that indicates when your dishes are clean, so you know when it's been run.

The inside is a silver/grey plastic. It's not as modern looking as stainless, but very nice and a welcome departure from white, tan, oatmeal, etc.

All in all
We paid $598 for this dishwasher at Lowe's and it was money well spent. It's not the best dishwasher out there, but we're very happy with our quiet dishwasher that gets our dishes clean and dry.

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