Whirlpool GLT3057 Beige 30.31 in. Gas Hobs (Gas and Electric) Reviews
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Whirlpool GLT3057 Beige 30.31 in. Gas Hobs (Gas and Electric)

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Now We're Cooking With Gas!

Aug 20, 2008
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Pros:Durable cooktop that is attractive and easy to clean.


The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this cooktop for excellence in every area other than price. It is a bit on the expensive side.

When I lived outside Chicago , a good number of my appliances were gas. Since that time, I have migrated towards electric. Although my Whirlpool Double Oven is electric, my Whirlpool Cooktop is gas. It is the only gas appliance in my home (my clothes dryer and oven are both electric). I’m not certain how I ended up with a gas cooktop, but I like it. The black finish of the GLT3057RB provides a nice compliment to my granite counters and stainless steel and black appliances.

This cooktop is installed inside my granite counters on the cabinet side of my kitchen. It was installed by my builder (you can imagine the work it would require to cut granite to fit a cooktop…all that was done for me). My Whirlpool Microwave Oven is located above the cooktop and is equipped with a three speed vent fan to remove any steam coming off the stove. This cooktop has cabinet space above the microwave and below the cooking surface. The cabinets below the cooktop are available for storage. However, you also have to take into consideration the power supply and gas line. This unit requires electricity in addition to the gas. The outlet is installed inside my cabinets. The power cord is located at the bottom rear, so it creates minimal interference with my storage space in the cabinets below the cooktop. Installation in granite is not something I would even attempt to do myself with this cooktop. The dimensions of this unit are 21 1/8 inch Deep, 30 5/16 inch Wide and a thickness of 3 3/8 inches.

The surface of this cooktop is made of tempered glass. The black glass is attractive and functional. The Heavy metal grates lift off of the cooktop making for easy cleaning around the burners. The grates are extremely durable cast iron grates. I have not owned a gas stove or cooktop that has removable cast iron grates before. These heavy duty cooking surfaces are substantive. The fact that they can simply be picked up (when they are cool) and removed from the cooktop makes for easy cleaning of both the grates and the stove. There is a large cast iron resting place between the left and right sets of burners at the back of the cooktop. This makes an excellent resting place for pots that are about to boil over. There is no need to hunt for a hot plate when you have a built in grate for resting hot pots and pans.

The controls are very easy to use. There are four lift off knobs made of heavy plastic located in the front of the cooktop between the two sets of burners. This control panel has individual knobs for each burner, arranged in the same configuration as the burners (as opposed to other ovens I have owned where the knobs are in a single line, making it easy to accidentally turn on the wrong burner). Because of the configuration you automatically know which burner you are activating. As you turn the knob counter-clockwise, the first tick on the dial is the ignition for the burner selected. This will give you the clicking sound that activates the burner. The system used here is quick, with the burners responding instantly to activation. From ignition continuing counter-clockwise around the dial, the temperature adjusts from High to Low. The overall size of this cooktop place it in the middle range, but there is not much wasted space on this unit.

Although the burners do not appear to be visibly different, the cooking capacity for each burner is different. The front two burners produce 12,500 British Thermal Units (BTUs) when placed on High. The left rear burner has a maximum heating capacity of 9,000 BTU’s while the right rear burner tops out at 6,000 BTUs. When the burners are activated, the size of the flame makes it easier to observe the difference in heating capacity. The space between the burners provide ample space to utilize all four cooking quadrants at the same time, even if some of the pots are large. The cooking surface on the lower BTU burners is the same size (in contrast to ovens I have owned in the past, which have smaller burner plates). Although the amount of heat available fluctuates, the actual surface area on the iron grates is consistent. There are actually three grates in total. There is one large grate covering both the left and right sides of the cooktop, with two burners located under each grate. There is also the cooling grate located at the rear between the two cooking grates.

The Whirlpool Gold GLT3057RB is not inexpensive. This model comes in two colors, white on white and black on black. I own the black version (which is the last B in the model number…the white cooktop has a Q at the end of the model number). The MSRP for this cooktop (either model) is $749, although I have seen it for under $600. Because this unit was installed in a new house, it was purchased at the Contractor’s price. Even at $600, there are complete ranges that might compete in that price range. This unit is a bit on the expensive side, but is a well built cooktop from a company I know and trust.

I am still getting used to the idea of using a cooktop that isn’t connected to an oven. More than once, I have started opening my cabinets out of reflex, attempting to check something in the oven (which is located in the wall to the left of my cooktop). Old habits die hard. I have gotten used to the concept of lifting off the heavy iron grates to access the glass cooktop which cleans exceptionally well. It is nice to have a cooktop that has a solid cooking surface, a built in cooling area and knobs that are easy to use and understand. Overall, I have been very happy with this cooktop and would highly recommend it, giving this range four stars out of a possible five. If the price were a bit cheaper I would probably go the full five stars.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 749

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