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Wii Play [Bundle] (Wii, 2007)

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Fun minigames, but you buy it for the Wii remote

Dec 4, 2008 (Updated Dec 6, 2008)
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Pros:9 minigames and a Wii remote, Tanks!, pool, ping pong, and Duck Hunt.

Cons:Only 4 of 9 minigames are fun, very little depth.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is that if you are going to buy a Wii remote and you enjoy minigames, you might as well get this package for some added entertainment value.

Wii Play for Nintendo Wii
2 Players, nunchuck(s) recommended for "Tanks!"
9 Minigames and a bonus Wii remote make this a logical purchase for any new Wii owner looking to expand their collection.

I bought this shortly after getting a Wii and was pleasantly surprised with its offerings, although I would not have purchased this product by itself.

The games are a Duck Hunt knock-off, a cow racing game, find mii (you have to find the right mii in a time limit), tanks, pool, ping pong, laser hockey, fishing, and pose mii (allign the Wii-remote to match poses on screen).

The Duck Hunt knock-off operates by pointing the Wii remote at the screen and pressing a button to fire at targets, soda cans, and UFO's among other things.  It is a blast in single player and with a friend.  My only complaint is that it is very shallow and a bit too easy.  Additional difficulty settings would have been a nice touch.

Cow racing operates by tilting the Wii remote to charge ahead or pull back and steer left and right.  This is again a fairly shallow, but entertaining entry.  With only one track to race on, it quickly gets dull.

Find Mii is probably one of the most in depth minigames with the least need for depth.  I never got far enough to "beat" this minigame, but there are plenty of levels.  A time limit counts down while you select the Mii displayed out of a group of other Mii's.  A nice touch is that in addition to the usual generic Mii's the game also uses Mii's you have created or downloaded from the "Check Mii Out" channel.  There are several nicely done variations in progressing levels.  Even with the work put into this minigame, it is honestly more stressful than fun after about 5 or 10 levels in.

Tanks! gives you a tank to control in an overhead view on a board to find and destroy all other tanks.  It has nice features like different levels of tanks to fight, destructible walls, and other surprises, but was surprisingly difficult compared with the rest of the minigames.  Controlling steering with the nunchuck, you point at the screen to aim and can either fire your cannon or lay a mine.  It is probably one of the best single player minigames.

Pool is one of my personal favorites.  A standard billiards set up is presented and you use the Wii remote as a cue.  Hold the trigger button (Z), pull back, push forward and release to hit the ball.  You can also choose which way you want to aim the ball.  Helpful guides tell you which ball to aim for and the direction you are aiming.  This is fun in single player, but much better with two people.  It feels very authentic and the physics seem just about right.

Ping Pong works fairly well with the Wii remote as your paddle, but I found that frantically waving your remote back and forth gets past most of the early easy stages with little difficulty, thanks to overly generous collision detection which can sometimes frustratingly make an easy hit a game ending miss.  Fun with two players or one.

Lazer Hockey operates with the Wii remote moving and rotating the paddles, which hit a puck across a glowing neon table.  The neon effects really are quite nice, and it is a very cool game to watch.  Playing against the computer it is exceedingly easy to win, but nearly impossible to score as high as you would want to because of what seems to be highly adaptive difficulty in the AI.  Physics control quite nicely on this, and in the tradition of real air hockey you can even score on your own goal.  Definitely more fun with two people than one.

Fishing has by far the least intuitive, most difficult controls.  I had to look at a strategy guide online before I was even able to understand the mechanics well enough to catch a fish.  Basically, you hold the rod out so that the hook splashes around on the surface, and when a fish goes for it, you yank back on the wii remote and reel the fish in.  It sounds far simpler in this explanation than it is in practice.  Definitely an entry that needed improvement even for this collection.

Pose Mii is an appealing concept - twist the Wii remote to position your Mii to allign with a cutout floating in a bubble, and match it.  It adds complexity by allowing three different poses and "time stopping" bubbles that pause the game for you to get the rest of the bubbles onscreen.  In practice however, it is more stressful than entertaining because of the time limit.  In a collection of other laid back, entertaining minigames, this and Find Mii suffer in their enjoyability because of an unforgiving time limit.

Top of the list for minigames are tanks (fun!), pool (realistic), ping pong (but only with two people) and the Duck Hunt knock-off (classic).  The worst minigames are fishing (hard to control), pose mii (too hard), and find mii (repetitive).

Some of the minigames are more or less tech demos for the Wii remote, and the result is that they feel tacked on.  One such example is "pose mii," which was thoroughly dissapointing, and fishing, which actually controlled very poorly.

After buying this, my girlfriend and I played it for a solid month or so, and return to it off and on for some fun.  I have found that the minigame with the greatest replay value for two players is pool, as it is a solid simulation of the real thing.  Tanks! is another good offering for lasting replayability, but is also good for a single player.

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