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Wii Play [Bundle] (Wii, 2007)

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Wii Play Not Necessary

Apr 14, 2009
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Pros:A fairly fun cow racing & fishing game.

Cons:The games aren't exciting.

The Bottom Line: If you have small children that are new to Wii, it is worth it.  If not, don't waste your time or money.

 My copy of Wii Play came with my Wii, so I was fairly excited to have an extra game disc with my Wii.  The excitement soon ended.  Wii Play is nothing more than a bunch of games that are intended to make you proficient with the controller.  The games aren't exciting, and they left me unsatisfied. 

To start off, you must unlock each game as you go.  So, I couldn't go to the games that look exciting ... I had to play through several annoying games first. 

Even children weren't excited about most of the games.  However, the fishing game and the cow racing were a hit with the kids.  If you have small kids and just recently got a Wii, I would recommend this game.  If your kids are already proficient with the Wii, they may not be impressed. 

Overall, it isn't a horrible extra game, but I believe that it is nothing more than an "extra" game.  I played the game for 20 minutes and now only play it when kids are around. 

The back of the game case was misleading. I was excited for shooting, fishing, etc. but most of the games weren't anything more than something you would play online.  From my experience, you will play the cow racing and the fishing a few times and then the game will collect dust on your entertainment center.

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