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Wildwood Convention Center: A Bright Spot in the Middle of ...

Nov 4, 2009 (Updated Nov 4, 2009)
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Pros:Natural Daytime Lighting through much of the center.
Fine staff
Extremely clean!!

Cons:Not sure if restrooms are large enough for large crowds.

The Bottom Line: The Wildwood Convention Center has Location, Location, Location!

It's on-the-beach and on-the-boardwalk with Hotels, fast food eateries and amusement parks nearby. That's if you like that stuff.

The Wildwood Convention Center is a relatively new center that caters to Trade Shows, Concerts, Sports-Spectaculars, and as a grand meeting place offering 8,675 total square feet of flexible meeting space. It's well positioned on the broad beaches of Wildwood New Jersey that held the honor of NJs Best Beach 2008.

Wildwood Convention Center

My wife and I spent a weekend in Wildwood New Jersey about a month ago for an event held at the Wildwood Convention Center. My wife has been there a few times for a Catholic Charismatic retreat weekend with youth from our church. This was my first time in attendance.

The center has a large clean look to it. It's an attreactive building on the boardwalk with some limited parking that charges or not depending on the event.

The boardwalk of the Wildwoods cross the entrance area of the convention center with a loudspeaker barking future events. Just down the boardwalk on both sides are shops and eateries that the summer masses flock too. There's camping on the beach and many amusement parks beckoning the kids to ride and spend extra dollars at the games. During the summer the Wildwoods do live up to the name "Wild". It's unbelievably crazy! ... tell ya the truth, it's not a place that attracts me. However, for the event I attended in October it was perfect! I'm posting a review of the Wildwoods soon.

Just across the street are Motel/Hotels that cater to the summer crowds and afford rooms for those going to events at the Wildwood Convention Center. We stayed at the Oceanic Hotel that I can't recommend highly but was suitable for our use with a number of teens that joined us for the weekend.

Our Visit

Being just across the street was a joy. Being there in October when all the summer masses were gone made it even better. The convention center's entrance has a number of steps and also ramps making it relatively easy for people bringing in product for events.  Security manned the doors. The place was airy feeling with a roofing material allowing natural light to spill through. I didn't care for the large lighting fixtures used in the center. They tended to glare when dark rolled over the beaches.

The sound in the convention center was excellent. We had a small group singing praise songs but I'm sure crowds sitting on the pull out seating would be rocking at a big name concert. I liked the overall feel of the place.

The teens that were with us were in a different area of the center. The large rooms and adaptability of the place made it easy for them and us to meet before and after the events. A few vendors were set up inside the building in an area with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the beaches. The temperatures in the building were comfortable at the time we were there. Of course it is air conditioned for summer events and heated for the winter.

Through the experience of the business I was in and all the Trade Shows we attended I could tell the main Exhibit Hall was designed well for them. The use of natural light and a comfortable temperatures along with well placed electrical boxes along the floor seemed to be well designed, The glaring lights that I complained about earlier would be quite suitable for Trade Show spaces.

Restrooms were plentiful for our crowd that I would guess to be a couple of thousand. When this place is filled I would think there would be lines out the door of the restrooms. If anyone knows, please leave a comment at the end of this review. The men's restrooms were VERY clean, had modern facilities and were well stocked.

The security and other people who ran the event were quite professional and with a friendly temperament.

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WOW!! Just across the street and the closest hotel to the Wildwood Convention Center is the
Oceanic Hotel
Alas, I had trouble recommending it.

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