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Wilton Girl Perimeter Cookie Cutter

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Pink Power Puff Princess Cookies ... Nauseating Isn't It? Wilton Girl Perimeter Cookie Cutter

Nov 21, 2004 (Updated Nov 21, 2004)
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Pros:Cute design, nice detail, easy to use, inexpensive.

Cons:Decorating them can get involved.

The Bottom Line: A cookie cutter fit for a princess … or a crime fighting PowerPuff Girl!

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles; the three utterly adorable crime fighting cartoon chicks from Cartoon Network … the bane of my existence. When I started planning Annabelle’s birthday party I asked her what theme she wanted and I fully expected her to say Barbie Princess – she hate’s Barbie but loves the Princess stuff, go figure and whatever you do, don’t get her started on the PowerPuff Girls or she’ll start jumping off furniture trying to fly. She thought about it for a while, walked into the kitchen, looked up at me with those huge blue eyes, adorable blonde pigtails and said “Power Puff Princesses”. Talk about learning how to play the manipulation game early! Knowing that she really had her heart set on pink and purple cookies I started looking in the cookie cutter box to see what I had. A few years ago I picked up a ton of Wilton perimeter cutters when Michaels had them on clearance and as usual, at the time I had no need for them but knew that are some point in time they would come in handy. I knew that using the cutter would be easy, it’s a Wilton product, how could it possibly be difficult [snicker]. Decorating these would be the hard part – more to the point – trying to make them look like PowerPuff Girls … Power Puff Princesses – would be the real test. To be brutally honest, the PowerPuff Girls look nothing like the silhouette outline of this cutter so I’d have to be a wiz with the royal icing and design. Thanks to the Cartoon Network website I found a “Learn To Draw Blossom” page [www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/ppg/drawblossom/blossom.gif] to get some basic ideas of how to create PowerPuff Girls from this cookie cutter.

Wilton Girl Perimeter Cookie Cutter 2303-120

This is a really nice sized cookie cutter to work with if you plan on decorating it with a royal icing. It’s three inches wide and four inches high so that should give you a good indication of just how big this cutter is; depending on what type of dough you are working with you can expect the final result to be this size or a little larger due to spreading. The bulk of the detail of this cutter is in the hair and trust me, this girl has a lot of hair! To get the best detail from this cutter you may have to use it twice, once when you cut out the raw dough and a second time when you remove them from the oven and allow them to cool for about a minute and a half. This will allow you to get the most amount of detail from her hair in case your dough spreads out while it’s baking. I’ve only had to do this when I was using a gingerbread dough, regular sugar cookie recipes don’t spread that much. To get the best results make sure that you cook your cookies on parchment paper so you reduce the risk of your cookies sticking to the sheet or having to use a release spray that could make the bottom of the cookies greasy. This cutter will give you a very nice girlie shape with a minimal amount of pressure needed to get it thought most dough. If you are using something like chocolate chip dough you may encounter some resistance from the chips, if you are dead set on trying to use this cutter with chocolate chips then make a sheet of cookie dough then cut out the shape after you’ve baked it and allowed it to cook about 90 seconds. This will ensure that the chips are easy to slice through and you’ll get a good shape. Press the cutter completely through the dough then give it a little wiggle but don’t try to remove it from the sheet. Wait until it’s completely cooled off then pick apart the left over pieces and remove the girl shapes with a spatula to a cooling rack.

If you’ve used perimeter cutters in the past you’ll know the limitations of this one. If you use a nice even amount of pressure on the cutter when you are pressing it into the dough you will end up with a nice cute; if you can’t manage to press evenly, use a small book, plate or bowl to press the cutter into the dough. Since there is a good bit of detail in the hair section, dip the cutter into some flour first then tap off the excess before you use it. If you get any flour on the cookie dough just brush it off with a clean dry paint brush or pastry brush. If you want to add any detail to the cookie before you bake it make sure you do a test run with a few cookies so you can see if the dough will spread out while baking – this way you can take that in to consideration when adding detail, sculpting out the hair, adding eyes etc. I’ve made about a hundred cookies with this cutter so far and it’s still in great shape – I have no idea how many more cookies I’ll get out of it but I’ll say that I definitely got my money out of it so far!


You can get pretty creative with the cookies or you can simply frost them with a basic royal icing and use some sprinkles on top. There are a variety of Wilton cake toppers and icing decorations that you can use to decorate the cookies but if you really want to give these cookies some flair try the PowerPuff Girls Make A Cookie Face Kit. You can use this kit to make the PowerPuff Girls or create your own original designs. It might sound a little difficult and time consuming to decorate these with royal icing but when you use Wilton’s Meringue Powder you can bang out a ton of these in a few hours using only three or four colors. If you are looking to make “girlie” cookies try frosting them pink or purple or pink and purple – frost the cookie with one solid color then take a toothpick and swirl in another color – this is a great way to make colorful tie-dyed cookies too. If you want to frost these cookies quick use a squeeze bottle filled with royal icing and outline the edges of the cookie then fill it in. You can tint the icing any color you like using a variety of different types of dyes but I suggest sticking with Wilton ones if you are going to use the Wilton Meringue Powder.

Another great design idea is to make “stained glass girlies” – and trust me, this is a lot easier than it sounds but it does require you to have to different sized cookie cutters. I tried this out with a small heart perimeter and it looked adorable! Cut out the girl shape as you normally would, I recommend you do this on parchment paper on the cookie sheet since transferring them will be difficult. Take a smaller cookie cutter – heart, star, whatever you have on hand – and cut out a few small shapes inside the girl shape. This will leave you with some holes, don’t worry, that gets filled in with … crushed candy!!! Not just any candy but something that is clear – Lifesavers make the best pick but you can use suckers, lollipops or if you want a little zip, crushed up candy canes. You’ll want to bash up the pieces so they are small but not so much so that they are a candy dust. Then just fill in the open spaces inside the cookie and bake as usual. You’ll see the candy start to break down after about five minutes and you will have to reduce your cooking time by about a minute since you have these open holes inside the cookie and it cooks a little quicker. Remove the cookies from the oven when they look done but aren’t brown and allow them to cool completely. If you try to remove them right away the candy will spider web or crack from the pressure of the cookie bending.

Care, Cleaning & Cost

I clean all my cookie cutters by hand since I am ultra paranoid and slightly anal retentive about my cooking tools. This cleans up easily but you have to make sure that you get all the dough and bits out of the hair sections of the cutter. If time is of the essence, toss this in the sink and let it soak, give it a quick scrub with a sponge and allow it to air dry. Most of the individual perimeter cutters from Wilton are .69 cents but you can get them for less when retail locations have them on clearance or are trying to get rid of overstock. I got this when just such an event was going on and I ended up getting a lot of “weird” cutters that I would have normally never purchased. Is it worth it? Well, in my opinion it is and if you would have asked Annabelle as she was munching away on them she wouldn’t have said a word but she would have shook her head up and down – then again, she was in the midst of a massive sugar rush so I’ll have to ask her again the next time I make them just to make sure [wink wink].

Things To Know

• If you can’t find this locally you can pick it up at the Wilton Online Store for .69 cents plus shipping. Larger stores like Michaels do carry a wide variety of perimeter cutters but there are some shapes that aren’t exactly popular.

• If you like this one you can also check out the boy perimeter cutter [2303-124] that’s the same size as the girl cutter but doesn’t have as much detail to it. This is a great way to make cute cookies for parties or edible ‘name cookies’ for holidays so everyone knows where to sit. Take it a step further and connect the hands when you bake them for bridal shower cookies!

The Bottom Line

There’s no limit to what you can do with this cookie cutter! Be it making basic sugar cookies for an after school treat or using it to make cute peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – this is a cutter that will hold up to a good bit of use before it starts to show any sign of wear or tear – and when that happens it’s easily replaced for under a dollar. This is a great cutter for kids to work with since it’s plastic and there’s no sharp edges that could cut them. For under a dollar you get a very cute cookie cutter than can be used for a lot of different things and when I say there are a thousand ways to decorate the cookies you can make with this .. I’m not kidding!

As always, thanks for the visit …

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2004 Freak369

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Special thanks to Mind-full for adding yet another Wilton product to the database for me!

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