Winchester Q4171 .38 Special FMJ Reviews

Winchester Q4171 .38 Special FMJ

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Winchester .38 Special FMJ Q4171 - You can do better

Jan 29, 2010 (Updated Feb 2, 2010)
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Pros:Inexpensive, FMJ prevents lead fouling

Cons:Frequent failures to fire.

The Bottom Line: Only recommended if you can't find anything else.

Developed over 100 years ago, the .38 Special cartridge is still a favorite for target shooting, competition, and self-defense.

The Winchester Q4171 .38 Special load is one of the company's bargain priced choices sold as part of their "USA" line. It is designed for general range use and casual shooting.

This load uses a 130 grain FMJ projectile, a reloadable brass case, and a boxer primer. The ammo is packed in white boxes marked USA and is available in both 50 and 100 round count boxes.

The Winchester web site lists the load as having a muzzle velocity of 800 FPS, as measured at the muzzle, and producing 185 foot pounds of energy.

While suitable for casual plinking, this load should not be used for serious competitive use. It is not accurate enough for Bullseye competition and the low muzzle velocity of the 130 grain bullet makes it difficult for it to meet the minimum power factor for IDPA or IPSC competition. This is a plinker load, plain and simple.

I shoot a lot of this particular load as it is one of the few relatively affordable .38 Special loads I can easily find on a regular basis. I practice with it and provide it to my students who use my handguns in classes.

After multiple, long running, problems with this load though, I am actively seeking a low cost replacement. I consistently have failures to fire with this load when used with my revolvers. At first I thought it was a problem with one particular revolver, but I later noticed it happens with every revolver I've tried with this ammo.

I'll typically have one or two failures to fire from each 100 round box. These rounds will not usually fire even after multiple firing pin strikes or after trying them in a different revolver. I assume the problem is primer related, but I don't have the resources to actively investigate further.

Because of the repeated failure to fire problems I do not recommend this .38 Special ammunition for anything but the most casual use. As soon as I find another regularly available low-cost alternative I will stop buying this particular load.

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