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Woodstream Ultimate Flea Trap M230

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The best way to get rid of fleas?

Aug 26, 2008 (Updated Oct 14, 2010)
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Pros:It works as it claims to, low initial cost, 100% non-toxic detection, easy assembly.

Cons:Not a cure, bulb & sticky mats need to be replaced often.

The Bottom Line: The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is an excellent early detection device for fleas and other blood sucking critters that may be in your home.

On a recent trip to my parent's house I soon discovered that they were infested with fleas, well not them, but their house most definitely was. An infestation that was caused by their new Persian cat, no doubt. Although fleas and other bloodsuckers don't seem attracted to anyone else in my family, they love me. Within minutes of my arrival I was already being attacked. My parents, obviously oblivious to their flea infestation began accusing me of bringing in the cat fleas, as if it were a conspiracy concocted by me to shame the family name. I used to work at a pet store, so I know an easy way to find out if a house is infested with fleas: enter the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap by Woodstream.

What is it:

The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is exactly what it sounds like it is: a flea trap. It's a fairly simple design. You have a 7.5" diameter base that holds the replaceable sticky mat and a 4" tall canopy that sits on top of the base and houses a 7 watt bulb (the 7 watt bulb is supposed to replicate the heat source of a host). The logic of the design is equally as simple; fleas will sense the heat from the 7-watt light bulb (from up to 30ft away) and jump onto the sticky mat thinking they are about to get a good blood-meal. The sticky mat keeps the fleas from escaping, thus they die a slow and sticky death. Side note: The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap can only be used indoors.

What's in the box:

- The 7.5' diameter base
- 2 sticky mats (They need to be replaced every 2-4 weeks)
- One 7-watt bulb
- Canopy (allows 360-degree flea access)
- Power cord
- Instructions

Product claims:

- 100% non-toxic (can be used around kids, so long as they understand not to touch the sticky mat)
- In addition to catching fleas, the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap catches roaches, ants, and flying insects.
- Lures fleas from up to 30' away in all directions.
- Boasts a 93% flea catch rate


The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap does require some assembly, but I am confident that 99.9% of the people reading this review will be able assemble this flea trap without trouble (takes about 2-3 minutes max). Simply installing the light bulb to the canopy and connecting the canopy to the base (with the sticky mat) is all the assembly that is needed. Once the trap has been assembled, you can plug it into any household outlet: preferably near where your pet spends most of his/her time.

Does it work?

For a product being so simple in design, the Victor Ultimate Flea trap works wonderfully. I have used these flea traps in the past, both in my home and at work, and they have always done a great job at capturing blood-sucking insects. Within 2 days of using this trap at my parent’s house, there were over 30 fleas captured and 3 mosquitoes! There is a catch (no pun intended), though. If your house is infested with fleas, the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is not a cure-all. Because of the complex flea life cycle, there will still be larvae in rugs and carpet. The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is more of an early detection device than a cure. With this being the case, flea-bombs, outdoor pesticides, and powders will still need to be used: but you will be able to catch the infestation much earlier, thus reducing the chance of being bit. After I successfully ended my parent's conspiracy theory that I was bringing in the fleas (thanks to the Victors Ultimate Flea Trap), we treated the entire house with a few flea bombs and flea powders, and of course treated the cat. The Victor Ultimate Flea Traps remained in use during the rest of my visit, and by the time I ended my stay with my parents the amount of fleas in the trap had receded from 10-15 fleas per day down to 0 (so this trap is also an indicator of how well flea control powders/bombs work). I am confident that had I not bought them one of these Victor's Flea Traps, they would have let this infestation go on a lot longer before they dealt with the situation.


Gripe #1: I have to say, the Victors Ultimate Flea trap isn't exactly conspicuous. It’s a relatively big unit that emits a glowing light. That being said, if don't want your house guests to immediately inquire about why you have a glowing device in your living room with dead fleas in it, you will need to relocate it. Also, if you use the Victor Flea Trap in your bedroom, but require a dark environment to sleep, this trap may pose a problem as it's about as bright as any good night light.

Gripe #2: The light bulbs need to be replaced often. They usually last about 1 month when used continuously. On the plus side, these 7-watt lights (a typical night light) are extremely cheap (about $1 each or less), use very little energy, and can be found virtually anywhere.

Gripe #3: If you have a huge infestation, the sticky mats can fill up with fleas very quickly, requiring them to be replaced often. Even if you have no fleas and just want to use the flea trap as a detection device, the sticky mats still need replacing every 2-4 weeks (lint in the home and other particulate matter will stick to the mat, thus reducing its ability to catch fleas). Since the sticky mats run about $5 for 3 mats, it equates to about $30 a year in sticky mats for each unit you have in your house.


The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap runs about $13 at most stores that stock this product. As mentioned, a pack of 3 sticky mats will run you approximately $5: it's a fairly affordable detection device. Unfortunately the Victor Ultimate Flea trap isn't exactly easy to find; many pet stores don't carry flea traps and if they do it's usually the less effective flea traps on the market, i.e. those from Bio Care. I have only been able to find the Victors brand at large pet stores, i.e. Pet Supermarket and at a few on-line stores, i.e. Amazon.com.


 This absolutely could be the best step for getting rid fo fleas in your home. Although you won't cure your flea infestation with the Victors Ultimate Flea Trap, you can get a good idea on just how infested your home is with this trap. Like anything that poses a threat to human health, early detection is key and I can't think of a more effective way for detecting a flea infestation early in the game than using a flea trap. It also does a great job at capturing mosquitoes, so if you commonly get mosquitoes in your home, the Victors Ultimate Flea Trap should also prove to be beneficial. Overall, this unit does exactly what it claims to do. Think you have a flea problem or just want to see how severe the infestation you have truly is? I highly recommend the completely non-toxic Victors Ultimate Flea Trap.
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