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Nov 20, 2010 (Updated Dec 7, 2010)
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Pros:Does the job, makes things easier than otherwise.

Cons:Requires a small size garbage can to work.

The Bottom Line: It's possible, instead of vacuuming leaves into a canvas bag, to vacuum them down a hose that pumps them into a garbage can.

If you already have a leaf blower, you probably have used it to, first, push leaves into one big pile, and then, second, switched a few attachments to vacuum those leaves up and chop them up for mulch in a canvas bag.  Assuming the next step was dumping the chopped leaves from the bag into a garbage can or a trash bag, you probably thought to yourself "Wouldn't it be nice if I could pump those leaves directly into the garbage bag without the tedium of emptying this canvas bag over and over again."

OK, that's what the WORX LEAF COLLECTION SYSTEM is for.  It's an accessory to the WORX leaf blower.  Instead of the canvas bag, the leaves are sucked into this wide hose, about eight feet long (the package says it has a 16 foot reach but my experience is that it will start to pull the garbage can over if stretched that far) , with a canvas garbage can closure near the end.  You put the canvas closure in place of the lid of the garbage can, secure it in place with the drawstring, and then start up the leaf vacuum and the mulched leaves get pumped directly into the garbage can.  Simple.

I got one and it works - but not in every situation.  I live in a town where the trash collection wants yard waste in those huge kraft paper bags, not garbage cans or plastic bags.  But the canvas closure won't work with bags, only with a fairly rigid cylindrical can.  So I thought I'd pump the leaves into an otherwise empty garbage can and then pour from the can into a paper bag ... but my garbage cans were way too big.  That canvas closure can work only on cans with a rim diameter of about two feet, not the three feet of my cans, and the can should have a definite rim or lip around the outside of its opening, so the drawstrings can actually secure the closure.  If the closure is not completely secure, the blast of air is so powerful that the mulch being pumped into the can will fly out of any gap like a fountain.

So I made a point of going out and buying another garbage can; in this instance a tall plastic kitchen garbage can, considerably smaller (at 13 gallons) than the usual garbage can, but with an appropriate diameter (about 22 inches) and a very pronounced rim.  (The package says it handles garbage cans from 32 to 55 gallons but my own experience was otherwise.) The closure stayed fastened on that.  Fill up the kitchen can, then empty it into one of those paper bags -- about three cans worth, tamped down, to fill a bag.  That worked very nicely, and when it's not autumn I'll use that plastic can indoors.

Keep in mind that when the mulch is pumped into the garbage can, it's fluffed up.  You should tamp it down to get maximum results in packing it for trash collection.

The system would occasionally jam up, but almost never because of the hose arrangement but only because of the usual things that would happen with the original canvas bag.  Usually twigs and branches jamming up the mechanism.
Presumably someone who lives in a neighborhood where they will pick up yard waste in garbage cans might figure out a way to cut a hole in a garbage can lid just the diameter of this hose and rig it so the hose can simply pump straight into the can by the simple expedient of putting that rigged lid on the can and locking it down for the duration, rather than working with the drawstrings of the canvas closure.  I have not tried this but it seems plausible (you'd need one extra lid, to rig for this).

If you are not pumping the leaves directly into a bag, it may improve the efficiency of the system (slightly) to provide some airholes in the collection can, but keep in mind that the lid itself should remain tight to the can, airholes at the bottom and almost anywhere else may eventually get plugged with the leaves, and the airholes must be small (less than a quarter inch or so), even though they may be numerous, because the machine will chop the leaves nearly to powder.

So the WORX LEAF COLLECTION SYSTEM works.  Just keep in mind the dimensions of the rigid garbage can you must use.  Other leaf blower manufacturers offer similar devices for their own leaf blowers, in case you already have another brand of leaf blower. 

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