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Possible Problems With Xango

Mar 10, 2009 (Updated Mar 10, 2009)
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Pros:Most people, including myself, have positive benefits from the juice.

Cons:Rediculously expensive, and, potentially harmful to some.

Although I have had good reactions from Xango, my wife is another story. She has a lot of health issues from Multiple Sclerosis to newly found lung cancer. I have noticed over a period of a few weeks that her mind was getting fuzzier. That is the best I can describe it, like she just was not here. It finally got to the point where I felt she was slipping away entirely.

This same reaction happened several years ago when she was taking Coumadin blood thinner. That got so bad she literally lost two weeks of her life. She has no memory of them.

Now, the only thing different in her life was drinking Xango, so, I decided to stop giving it to her. Her mind is clearing up and it appears she will be ok.

Was it the juice? I can't say for sure, but, observation convinces me not to use it again. There are a lot of substances in the mixture so there is just no way of telling what kind of reaction each individual will have. I choose to be on the side of caution.

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