Xcell Zoo Animal Sprinkles

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Smiles Are Only A Sprinkle Away With Xcell’s Zoo Animal Sprinkles

Mar 9, 2005
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Pros:Fun yet odd animal shapes, one ounce of each animal, awesome plastic shaker container.

Cons:Who was the person that was picking out the color scheme?

The Bottom Line: Want to add some fun to your animal cookies? Ice Cream desserts looking a little plain? Add some roars and growls with Xcell’s Zoo Animal Sprinkles.

Most of the time Wilton is my first choice when it comes to baking, decorating cookies or planning any type of holiday food event but that doesn’t mean that they are the only one that I use. Once again, I have Epinions to thank for introducing me to another great company and line of products. I was looking in the database to see if there was a listing for “Spooky Sprinkles” from Wilton when I came across the listing for Xcell’s Spooky Sprinkles. I started looking online to see what these looked like, where I could buy them and how they compared to Wilton’s version. I ran into some stumbling blocks because the website, company name and storefront are all different. Xcell is the name of the line, the website is www.xcellint.com and the website that you purchase their products through is www.bettertaste.com. Confusing huh? After looking through the Better Taste site I found a ton of awesome items and eventually ordered sprinkles, baking dishes, gift sets and more from the site. So, once again, I have Epinions to thank for fueling my cookie / decorating / bakeware fixation.

Xcell Zoo Animal Sprinkles Zoo Accents 1146

When I first saw these at the website I wasn’t too keen on them; the photo that you see is of some brown, yellow and orange lions – not exactly something that I’d have reason to use on a regular basis. When I saw that this had elephants I knew that I had to add this to the order because my youngest son adores them. To top it off, the container also includes one ounce of gorillas and hippopotamuses. When have you ever seen either of those animals glorified in a sugar based cookie or cake sprinkle? For the price of $5.50 I added them to my online cart and went through with the order. If they didn’t work out on cookies or cakes I could surely add them to ice cream or in Jell-O so I wasn’t worried that they would go to waste. An added perk is that the container is sturdy and can be used over and over [several other Xcell ones have already been recycled to hold other sprinkle assortments]. You might not think that you could have a use for this type of container but once you see what you can do with them, you’ll love having the empty ones around.

When I got the order I was a little taken back at the colors that were used for the animals. Purple gorillas? Blue hippos? Who picked out these colors? In any event, as soon as my youngest saw them he flipped out and had to add them to his pudding. If I have learned anything about kids it’s this; they will eat pretty much anything that has sprinkles on it and if they can put sprinkles on it and they will stick to the food, they’ll gladly shake the stuff on. Even so, pudding and sprinkles? I passed on that little concoction. So far I’ve used these on a number of different baked goods and can say that they work just as well as the Wilton ones on soft icing or on top of unset frosted cookies. I’ve also added these to frosted brownies, cupcakes and on ice cream – the colors don’t bleed, the shapes stay solid and kids really seem to love the animal theme. I was a little worried that these might taste funny or the colors would bleed but so far we’ve had no problems using these, even on some of the most bizarre foods.

What really makes this great is that all the animal shapes are housed in a tall plastic container, each with their own opening / shaker section. You get one ounce of each animal [elephant, hippopotamus, gorilla and lion] so there’s more than enough for all your baking needs. The hippo and gorilla ones are pretty much used on ice cream or on top of whipped topping [Cool Whip] because the kids have laid claim to the elephants and lions for cookies or cupcakes. The shapes of the animals are pretty nice but the hippo could be mistaken for a rhinoceros and the lions do sort of look like dinosaurs. If you are using these on top of shaped animal cookies then people almost immediately pick up on the type of animal it is, otherwise, people might raise an eyebrow and wonder if the fumes from the oven have been getting to you. You might think that spending six bucks on one shaker of sprinkles is a lot but when you stop to consider that the individual ones cost about $1.75 - $1.99, you are saving a little money purchasing them this way.

Things To Know

• If you want to make quick treats, try using a basic sugar dough then cutting them out into animal shapes. Bake, allow to cool and coat with a royal icing. Before the icing starts to harden sprinkle these on the cookies and allow them to set up. The end result is an awesome looking frosted animal cookie that any kid would be proud to take to a school party or pull out of a lunch box. If you are applying these to a soft icing do it as soon as you apply the icing, this way most of them will stay attached to it and you won’t be picking up little sugar based animal shapes for the next three days.

• These are almost impossible to find in retail stores, well, I’ve yet to see them anywhere. If you are interested in checking out what Xcell has to offer, be sure to check out their website [www.xcellint.com] and online storefront [www.bettertaste.com] to see what they offer. They sell a huge variety of things and the prices aren’t bad either! If there is a holiday or reason to celebrate, chances are they have a topping, sprinkle or item that covers it.

The Bottom Line

So far all the items that I have purchased from Xcell have been great. The color combinations might not be the most appealing to the eye in the case of the Zoo assortment but they are ones that kids really seem to love [blue, yellow, purple, orange etc]. I didn’t think that I’d have much use for these outside of making themed animal cookies but almost all the sections of the plastic shaker are below the half way mark. If you’ve never checked out any of the Xcell products, you might be surprised to see some of the things that they sell. I doubt Wilton is in any danger of losing a customer but they could learn a thing or two about Halloween related baking items from the Xcell designers!

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2005 Freak369

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