Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener - 1 Lb. (700596001015) Reviews
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Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener - 1 Lb. (700596001015)

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Facts on Sucrose (Table Sugar) & why Xylitol in Xylosweet is BETTER !

Oct 24, 2011 (Updated Oct 25, 2011)
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Pros:Dissolves hot/cold, low glycemic index, gluten free, no GMO

Cons:Some berry juices, not acceptable & yeast won't rise when added to

The Bottom Line: Increases neutrophile activity, regulates blood sugar levels, quick dissolving, no aftertaste to most, can't make yeast rise properly. Won't crystallize upon heating. Requires no insulin to digest

UPDATE as per Vic F's comment: Yes, I made a huge error it is SUCROSE (table sugar) not the word 'sucralose', that is still only 4-5 carbon molecules straight like a pentose or fructose (but from fruit not vegetables), single sugar molecules would contain. 

The correct table sugar word is 'sucrose' and sucralose is the artificially-prepared sweetener derived from beets, cane sugar or corn but refined so dramatically BOTH wreak havoc on the system whether the person lives in the US or Belgium, Antwerp to be exact.

Thank you Vic, now on with the review . . .

It seems I am not the only one who is truly baffled about which ‘sugars’ are better than others based on if they were processed synthetically under certain care standards, or cutting corners occurred. If it is still derived from plant sources yet chemically altered because it is cost-effective, then your body and mine, have a problem. 

If the simple sugar like pentose for example that naturally only has 5 atoms of carbon in its molecular structure, is altered by something added or is taken away from that single sugar molecule, it is no longer ideal for digestion.

There are several sugar substitutes equally derived from plants but because something like either radiation or synthetic chemicals to dry or enhance solubility, taste or appearance, makes for strange actions and behaviors on individuals who need slow-to-absorb sugar alcohols so insulin is not needed and they won’t keel over from a raise in the blood glucose levels.

Xylitol, found in Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener-1 lb. as I have recently added to my diet, not only appears to improve gradually the re-animalization of my two decaying back teeth that metal braces destroyed BUT it regulates my bouts with hyperglycemia. The low glycemic index of this sweetener allows for slow absorption not requiring the pancreas to secrete any additional insulin, as xylitol is naturally occurring in our healthy body system.

I am not diabetic nor sway toward tendencies of becoming; however sucrose (table sugar) that is not permitted to reach a proper fermenting level upon heating and only becoming partially altered, wreaks havoc on MY system even though it is derived from natural sources like corn (not the cob or husk or pulp of either but the acid corn kernels themselves) or cane. It is the refining process that causes distress in digesting, removing, breaking down or even excreting through average sized sweat glands, this half-baked sugar.

Xylitol (like Malitol and Sorbitol but slightly chemically different from each other) is a fully-cooked through and boiled down till alcohol vapors emit which are crystallized by drying naturally. When let to completely reach a gaseous point, it becomes the safer of the two sugars.

As a natural plant derived sugar that when fully heated past boiling point in which alcohol is formed in fermenting the simple sugars which are 5 carbon atoms, delivering an easily digestible table-sugar substitute, occurs.

I am excited that after two cups of coffee with xylitol sweetener in it I don’t have a ‘hypoglycemic high’ or the jitters I used to get with my trusty raw cane ½ baggie I would use to sweeten it with, seemed to cause.

I tell you sugar alcohols, rather the sweet liquid substance of some fruits and vegetables, in their fiber is the sweetest taste and health you’ll ever find.

Now on with my review . . .


It is noted if standards less than safe, cutting corners like half-baking the table sugar (sucrose), it is considered a sub safety measure and Xclear WON’T permit that but if they did there would be the possible cause to an allergic reaction. It is rare in the low doses gum or cereals hat sweeten with Xylitol. However if you are unsure, consult your physician before adding this and when you do add it slowly.


It is also white like table sugar (sucrose) but much more shiny and jagged edged crystals instead of smoothed down pebbles like sucrose (table sugar refined and chlorinated and just bad for you). The granules are more like little boulders with the jagged edges I mentioned and when you dissolve one on your tongue without feeling the ridges, you miss out. So really enjoy these bits of dental miracle-dosing and osteoporosis-fighting agents in super-sweet white crystalline powder.

|| Caution NOTES ||

I took from the website where this can be purchased, “Xylosweet will not cause breads and pastries to rise and is not a good choice for hard candies since it will not crystallize when heated. Xylitol is not recommended for sweetening juice and instant beverages that require large amounts of sweetener.” as it helps to prove why sucrose (table sugar) is so bad for you as it will crystallize while being heated further and Xylitol won’t as it has been heated to its chemical max needing nothing else but a cup of tea to sweeten.

|| COST ||

I clicked the see It icon and it showed me what price Swanson Products website is offering for Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener-1 lb. at discount, as opposed to retail which is under $5.oo for former and close to $8.oo and some change at other retailers. I like Swanson’s S&H practices and quality concerning my order, the expediency is appreciated as well.

|| DOSAGE ||

It is recommended to start very slowly with Xylitol because it does present a laxative effect if high doses are taken too many times a day. The slow start can mean replacing every fourth teaspoon you use in your coffee, cereal, tea, French toast, pancakes, etc-- that the fifth be this Xylitol and slowly replace all the sucralose you use with this. A food/mood journal really helps with this as mine pointed to hyperglycemia and what I could do about it came later.


Ingredients are provided as a convenience for consumers. Accuracy can not be guaranteed by Epinions or the Author. Please be aware that changes to ingredients can be made over time so to get the most accurate and up to date information please contact the manufacturer. (taken from becky2259)

There is 100% Xylitol per each 4g serving, so 4g or ,1% is in here and no fillers, cellulose, inactive ingredients etc. Nothing but Xylitol, how about that !


For some people the smooth transition from table sugar that has not been allowed to ferment and become a sweetener consistent with our own body chemical make-up is not so smooth. It is uncomfortable and the flatulence and bloating they experience, seems more embarrassing than good so they go back to regular sugar. This does not cause serious GI problems for everyone especially those who have been diagnosed with hyperglycemia (me).

|| NUTRITION Facts ||

Serving Size= 1 Teaspoon (4g) Servings per bottle: 113

Calories= 9.6 Fat Calories= 0; Total Fat 0; Saturated Fat= 0g ; Trans Fat= 0g; Polyunsaturated Fat= not provided; Monounsaturated Fats= not provided; Cholesterol = not provided; Sodium= 0g; Total carbohydrates= 4g or <1% of entire bottle; Sugars= 0g; Dietary Fiber= not provided; and Protein 0g or 0%


I find FOR ME as (Vic does not like the taste of this stuff), that not having any bitter or metallic after-taste does not affect any beverage I put it in that would taste better with sweetening agents in it. As you know some artificial sweeteners can produce such an aftertaste, this is not artificial so it tastes pleasantly the sweetest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener-1 lb. dissolves well in either cold or hot beverages because it is ionic and really raw now after having been boiled to the max and offered the sweetest reward, your weight is going down and your body sleeps better, yey Xylitol !

|| SMELL ||

It virtually has no smell dry or added to a hot or cold beverage.

|| TASTE ||

A delightful insta-sweet that quickly dissolves into a little acrid but insta-sweet all over again as it joins the amylase (enzyme in your saliva) and immediately gives you an alkaline mouth (pH is over 7) that is really clean and can detect sweet versus salty etc, better. It does not decay the teeth nor stain the mucous membranes, and it moves nice and slow through the body not requiring insulin.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

I am sure by now, as thorough as I have tried to be, this natural sugar derivative is really good for us and despite what you hear, learn with your body and your own mind. Try this  Xlear Xylosweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener-1 lb. for a month and tell me how you feel at the end of it.

Replace at least four servings of regular table sugar per week, with five of these and I’ll bet you will feel more motivated, more consciously awake, and certainly slimmer than you were because this digests and leaves the body.

I have been blessed with being adversely affected by many foodstuffs, because upon learning to listen to my body, find a pattern recognition in my food/mood journal I keep (and talk about on my website), I hope to teach others what they can do to really improve the standard of their quality of living.

I highly recommend this product and rate it ***** stars.

Thank you for reading and Enjoy !

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