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Yago Sant'gria 750ml

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Yago Sant'gria - an excellent Sangria at a great price

Dec 8, 2007 (Updated Dec 9, 2007)
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Pros:Mildly sweet and appealing taste of fruit. Never left me with a hangover feeling.

Cons:Alcohol effect disguised by drinking this flavorful Sangria

The Bottom Line: An excellent blend of mildly sweet and fruit flavored wine at a minimal cost. Comparable to restaurant Sangria.

Note to reader:
This review is for the 750ml bottle, which should be pictured above.
750ml = 25.361 fluid ounces.

Sangria / Sant’gria Background
Sangria is spelled "Sangria", Yago spells it "Sant'gria" which should come as no surprise after observing the label.

The label screams "Look at me. I'm flashy, cheaply priced (approx $5), and likely something which tastes awful." in my opinion.

Keep reading to find the truth.

The definition of Sangria is:
Quoted from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
: a usually iced punch made of red wine, fruit juice, and soda water

I’ll add to the definition by saying it was created in Spain and brought to the U.S. in the 1960’s.

That is a very broad definition. Sangria in general has a very loosely based definition no matter where I have looked. It can be made with red wine or white wine, with or without brandy, also there are no standards for which fruits to add and fruit juice can be substituted. Confusing to say the least.

Soda water may be listed in the definition, yet the majority of times I drink it, there is no soda water/ carbonation. In fact, when ever I order it at a restaurant it has never been carbonated. Yago brand Sant'gria does not have soda water or any carbonation added. Experience has taught me carbonation takes away from the flavor of Sangria.

If you prefer soda water in your Sangria wine, I offer two recommendations:
1) Buy Yago Sant'gria and add your own soda water to your liking.
2) Buy Arbor Mist Sangria it is carbonated and much less flavorful

The Look / The Taste / The Alcohol Kick
Yago appears similar to red wine, if not darker. I suspect the use of grapes and cherries in the fruit juice added to this product deepens the red coloring. Holding a glass of this wine up to the sunlight and you will notice light can’t pass through the dark coloring of the wine.

Taste is mildly sweet in my opinion but definitely noticeable. The mixed fruit taste is apparent and has a stronger hint of grape and cherry than citric fruits like orange or lime. However, the citric taste is very slightly noticeable.

Have you had the pleasure of tasting Sangria wine at Olive Garden? Yago brand Sant’gria is very similar to what the Olive Garden offers in relation to taste.

Alcohol volume may only be 7% but don’t let that fool you. Many beers don’t even have 7% alcohol (of course some beers have more). I drink Yago wine 6 ounces at a time by glass. 3 glasses and I have a buzz working. I also drink my Yago wine faster than a sipping pace only because it’s wonderful taste.

Yes I can drink a whole bottle by myself and yes I have. 25 fluid ounces is not a lot of liquid. Upon doing so, I am past a buzz and dare I say drunk but functional. Alcohol kick is similar to Long Island Teas, I’m not kidding. My alcohol tolerance is admittedly on the lower end of the spectrum. I am at best a casual drinker and don’t push my limits. We all hopefully know the dangers of alcohol abuse in regards to society, driving, and the law. Please be careful with a product like Yago Sant’gria, its danger lies in the appealing fruit taste which can hide the alcohol content and effect quite easily.

The Label
Yago does not list ingredients on the label. However there are pictures of grapes, oranges, limes, strawberries, cherries, and apples splashing in a wave of red wine on the label.

There is a simple recipe to enhance your Sangria experience, on the label.
Mix 4 parts Yago Sant’gria to 1 part Brandy, Garnish with orange and lemon slices.

I’ve never tried this recipe because Yago doesn’t last long around my house and I love the taste as is.

Also per label:
“ Red Table Wine & Natural Fruit Flavors ”
“ 7% ALC/VOL ”

-Bottled by
Bodegas Morera
Lake Alfred FL
For David Sherman Corp.
St Louis, MO

- Refrigerate After Opening

- CA Cash Refund

- Contains Sulfites

Red wine is notorious for being a headache inducer. Yago Sant’Gria rarely gives me a headache and I never wake up with a hangover effect after drinking this product at night.

Thanks for reading my review.

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Year: Non-Vintage
Winery Name: Bodegas Morera
Country: USA
State or Region: Florida
Price: 5
Wine Rating Scale: Better than most

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