Yes to Cucumbers Carefree Cucumber Daily Makeover Shampoo Color Care 16.9 fl oz Reviews

Yes to Cucumbers Carefree Cucumber Daily Makeover Shampoo Color Care 16.9 fl oz

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Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo? How about "no thanks"...

Nov 22, 2009 (Updated Dec 1, 2009)
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Pros:Smells good. Basically effective. Humorous directions.

Cons:Average product. Expensive.

The Bottom Line: You might love Yes to Cucumbers.  I didn't.

I always enjoy trying out new products whenever I get the opportunity. A couple of months ago, I decided to buy some stuff from When I purchase things from, I tend to load up so I can get a break on shipping and handling. I was definitely intrigued when I saw suggestions for Yes to Cucumbers Daily Makeover Shampoo; goodness knows fruits and veggies are supposed to be good for the body. I ended up ordering a 16.9 ounce bottle.

First impressions

Yes to Cucumbers shampoo comes in a fairly run of the mill package. It has a flip top as well as a removable plastic cup cover. The label is plain, colored in green and white. The shampoo itself is a light green pearlescent color. It has a fresh scent that reminds me more of herbs than cucumbers.

What it's supposed to do

The people who make Yes to Cucumbers shampoo claim that cucumbers are one of the earth's most effective cleansers. Cucumbers supposedly cool and hydrate the skin on account of being composed of 90% water. This product is meant to be used on color treated hair and, I imagine, keep it from becoming dry and lifeless. It contains extracts of centaurea, supposedly a powerful anti-oxidant, and green tea, as well as 26 Dead Sea minerals. Yes to Cucumbers is made with 99.6% all natural ingredients. I guess all these fancy ingredients justify the pricetag of $9 a bottle. Yes to Cucumbers and its sister products, Yes to Carrots and Yes to Tomatoes, are cruelty free.

Directions for use

The directions for this product actually make me grin. The makers suggest using this shampoo in the usual way by massaging it into wet hair and rinsing it out, but they also add that you should sing while you scrub!

My experiences

As I lathered up this shampoo, I liked the way it smelled, but I wasn't very impressed with how it felt on my hair. It doesn't make much of a lather and, once I rinsed it out and followed up with the Yes to Cucumbers conditioner, I wasn't that impressed by how my hair felt afterwards. It doesn't look or feel bad, mind you. It just isn't that much different than it is when I use a more mainstream product. In fact, I find myself following the Yes to Cucumbers shampoo with Pantene conditioner because I like the way Pantene smells and my hair feels softer and more manageable than it does when I use Yes to Cucumbers conditioner.


•For external use only.
•Avoid contact with eyes.
•In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water.


I find Yes to Cucumbers a somewhat average product. I like the way it smells and I like the humor injected in the directions, but personally, I don't think this shampoo is any better than something I could buy in the local Publix, unnatural chemicals notwithstanding. Nevertheless, I do think it's an effective product. Some people might love it. I'm kind of left underwhelmed by it and will probably not buy it again.

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