Yokohama Geolander A/T+ Truck/SUV Tire

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Lookout BF Goodrich A/T's

Jul 24, 2002 (Updated Jul 24, 2002)
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Pros:Awesome Wet/Dry traction, incredibly rugged & tough. Tears through sand/dirt like butter. Very good handling.

Cons:Extremely loud. Tread wears down fast, requires frequent tire rotation. Rough ride.

The Bottom Line: Excellent tire for any application. Equal if not some ways better than BFG A/T's. Amazing Wet and dry traction. Ideal for Trucks/Suv's. Solid product.

My 1997 Ford F150 truck was in need for a new set of tires.
I drove down to the local tire shop, and i was originally interested in the (BF Goodrich A/T's) in a size of (265/75/16) (31 inch) tires. The BFG's were approximately 55 dollars more each tire than the (Yokohama Geolander A/T+). After discussing options with the tire rep for about 15 minutes, I decided on blind faith to go with these tires on his recommendation, and i was not disappointed.
I purchased a complete set for 450 dollars installed & balanced. When I originally purchased these tires the company that installed them inflated them to approximately 30 PSI.

After driving off, the tires seemed to have an excellent ride and superb steering. For the first 8,000 miles I drove them, the tires were very quiet, after around 10,000 miles they begin to become extremely noisy. After having extremely poor gas milage, I emailed Yokohama and asked them what the proper tire pressure would be for my application and they indicated 42lbs. After inflating my tires to 42lbs, the handling was even better, and the gas mileage went up by 50 miles a tank. During the rainy season these tires gave some of the best wet traction i have ever felt from any tire, I was easily able to drive 70+mph on the freeway and I can never recall hydroplaning.

Breaking during wet weather and dry weather are both outstanding. I also often drive on the freeway late at night around 3-4 am at 85-90+mph when i am late for work, or just having fun on the open road, still these tires at high speed handle flawlessly. According to Yokohama these tires have a maximum speed rating of 116MPH for 60 minutes which also is impressive for a all terrain tire.

I have purposely tested these tires out in the open country a few times on heavy dirt, sand, and light mud. Needless to say these tires performed just as good as the BFG's. I feel these tires have better wet tracker and mud traction than the BFG's, but for true off road driving and the BFG's having a 3 ply sidewall, the Yokohama's are a serious competitor but cannot defeat the BFG's.

Overall this is a solid tire. The only real drawbacks of this tire would have to be the fact that the tread wears down very fast and seem to wear unevenly which requires frequent tire rotations to keep them from wearing down to fast. The secondary negative factor would be the road noise.
Speeds from 15MPH to 100MPH these tires hum pretty bad.

All in all these tires are of outstanding quality for absolutely any driving condition. I personally will not be purchasing these tires again only do to the facts that I only drive on the freeway and I like a very quiet vehicle, so once the tread on these tires are gone I will be purchasing a highway-rib tire. Currently i have 25,000 miles on these tires, and I hope to change them out around 40,000 which is the manufactures indicated tread life.
To anybody considering this tire, I would say if road noise and a rouge ride does not really bother you, pick this tire up in a heartbeat!

-Moose Man

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