Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Ys Organic Raw Honey 22oz Supplement Reviews
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Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Ys Organic Raw Honey 22oz Supplement

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Absolutely the BEST tasting honey....BAR NONE!

Apr 13, 2008 (Updated Apr 13, 2008)
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Pros:Taste is fantastic, it's organic and raw, totally healthy, inexpensive!


The Bottom Line: As an alternative sweetener, health food product and for honey lovers...it's a MUST-HAVE product!

I began life as a honey lover. My mom would not allow any sugar or sugary products in the house. So unlike my fellow friends, I did not grow up on chips, snack foods and pop. But we were allowed honey and for several reasons. One, I used to get a bumble bee sting every single day in the summer time. I would run out into our yard (we did not use pesticides to get rid of weeds, therefore had tons of dandelions) and play in the sprinkler daily without sandals on. And every day, I would come screaming into the house with a big old bumble bee stinger in my foot (or on my toe). My mom would take out the honey and pour some on the sting. The stinger would pop right out and take the poisons with it. It instantly felt "better". The swelling would go down and I'd feel good. We'd wrap some cloth and tape around the sting and I'd go off and play again. I thought honey was a small miracle cure.

We were allowed honey since it has amino acids in it, natural enzymes, it's not known to give a super high as straight sugar would. It was just always known to be better for us. I have also heard about purchasing raw or natural honey in the area that you live, and it helps with seasonal allergies (the bees and pollen or spores from your area are in the honey and you build up a tolerance to them). I am not sure if this is true or not. We used honey for our coughs. It would work better than any cough syrup would. We would just swallow a teaspoon or tablespoon of the stuff. We would also take some for sore throats and it helped mildly. It was known to have microbial/antibiotic/antibacterial properties in it. It's also a perfect food written about in the Bible (so you know, that swayed my mother to have it around).

We would pour honey on our Grape Nuts in the morning, on our Shredded Wheat or we would have a "treat" once in awhile with rice, cinnamon, milk and honey. Another treat was fresh peaches sliced up with milk and honey on top. I must say it WAS a better treat than using scoops of sugar on something. Our tea would always be sweetened with honey. I don't even remember having a bag of sugar in our house, ever. I would also use a few tablespoons in a quart of water and rinse my hair with it (it would turn out shiny and soft). So that's how I began loving honey at a young age.

Now fast forward a number of years. Honey isn't the same. It's not made naturally, they tend to add sugar water or simple syrup to it (to sweeten it or make more quantity of it). It doesn't have the same taste as it used to. It doesn't have the same quality or benefits as it used to. So I've been on the hunt for some delicious honey, usually buying expensive gift store kinds in my area. I just can't find what I'm looking for at my grocery store. That is..until I came across this YS Organic Raw Honey.

I read the great reviews this honey had on Vitacost.com (the online store I bought it from, 22 ounces for $7.06) and just had to try it. For 22 ounces and it being raw and organic, it seemed like a very good deal. I could pay up to 30$ for a homemade gift store honey in my area. I was a little nervous since it was "thicker" and "lighter-colored" than I am normally used to. This brand is free of pesticides, herbacides and pollutants. It provides, vitamins and antioxidants along with the well-known enzymes and aminos. Basically it has NOT been messed with. They didn't add chemicals or sugar water to it. They didn't cook it...it's raw! 22 ounces for 7 bucks will last a good couple of months.

Nutritional Facts:
1 Tablespoon provides 60 calories, O grams of fat, O grams of protein, and 17 carbohydrates (a good source of energy).

Taste: It tastes very creamy. It comes out of the container (on a spoon) thick as peanut butter. To me, it's a SUPER treat. I like to eat it off the spoon...like a caramel treat or something. It's very sweet. So far, I eat it off the spoon or stir it in my tea or hot drinks. I like to especially use it when I'm sick. I have not experimented with it yet in baking. I think that I would have to melt it a bit before stirring into a baking mix. But I do like to make homemade coconut macroons and this honey would make those taste delicious! You can spread it on bread and just have bread and honey or peanut butter and honey sandwiches! A plus is that it is NOT messy like other honey! It says the serving size is a tablespoon, but you could easily get away with half a teaspoon in flavoring a tea or something. When I eat it, it makes me think that way back in history, this is similar to what they probably had; it tastes more real to me. I like to take it daily for my immune health and as a treat. Amazing stuff! You may just get hooked on the stuff!

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