Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Deck: Joey

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Joey's deck contians an ok deck of card

Jul 20, 2003
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Pros:an ok deck

Cons:an ok deck

The Bottom Line: Yuugiiohh

OK I’ll admit it I have only played the real Yugioh trading card game once, and that was after being challenge my by brother after whooping him for the millionth time on the GBA game Yugioh the eternal duliest soul. Well after his complaint I decided it might be fun to challenge him to a real card game. So I want out and bought this deck and one booster pack to fight him.

The card game came out of the Yugioh manga and cartoon series, and is being released in America by Konami (I miss there stripe logo sniff sniff) a game company known for it’s Castlevania among other things. In the series story line supposedly in ancient Egypt a game was played using real magic and monsters summon from stone slaps. The game got so big that it became out of control that a pharaoh at to seal away the magic from the game in 7 millennium items. Is spirit was put into the millennium puzzle. In the modern day age a man named Pegasus find one of the millennium items and recreates the game for modern age using cards instead of stone slabs. Meanwhile a young boy named Yugi Moto puts together the millennium puzzle and is possed and befriended by the pharaoh.

Who’s Joey?
Joey is one of Yugi’s best friend and learn the game from Yugi and his grandfather. He joins Yugi in Pegasus tournament and becomes a good enough duelist to challenge and hold his own against Yugi. Even though Yugi defeats him he still manages to come in 2nd place. Is most powerful card the Red Eyes Black Dragon was won in a bet against Rex Rapter.

I won’t get into the details of the Yugioh card game, I went into it on my GBA game review and the card game is basically the same has said GBA game, with the exception of there is no deck limits. The GBA had a 80 card total limit on it, but if you have more then 80 cards in your deck your guaranteed a butt whooping because you’ll never pull the right card out at the right time. For more information check out Jeremy1456

OK the basic rules are you summon monsters, the stronger monsters with more points beat smaller monsters. The overall goal is to get your opponents life points down to zero. Of course it’s not has easy has slapping down a strong monster, 5 star monsters require 1 sacrifice, and 7 star monsters require 2 sacrifice. Add in traps and magic cards and it’s game more about seeing how much you can bluff and trick your opponent then who has the stronger monster.

What cards come in the deck?
Cards inside Joey’s Deck these are the cards that are inside Joey’s Deck I will tell you whether there keepers or if you should loose them and get better cards. There are about 50 cards in this deck but you only need 40 to play, lesser cards do mean less combo’s and strategy but it also means you can draw that rare card that you need. In other words the larger the deck the larger the faith in the heart of the cards you need.

Red Eyes black Dragon (regular Card. 2400/2000 Joey’s most powerful card and it’s not exactly by personal favorite dragon though. It has 7 power stars, which means 2 sacrifices must be made to summon it. For that kind of sacrifice I would rather have a dragon with blue eyes. I keep it in less you want to loose it for a stronger dragon.

Time wizard (monster effect). Joey’s deck wouldn’t be complete without Time Wizard the ultimate last-ditch attack. Time wizard is a card to be played only when you’re in a situation where you have nothing to loose. Flip a coin call it right and all your opponents’ monsters and most of your problems go down the drain. If you call it wrong you loose time wizard, all your monsters on the field, and half the attack power from all your monsters get subtracted from your life points. Time Wizard is not a card to be play to be greedy.

Fissure (magic) destroy one of your opponents face up monster cards with the lowest attack. It’s good for getting around high defense cards but there better trap and magic cards to destroy monsters I say ditch the card.

Shield and Sword (magic): this one would be more interesting if it was continues but since it’s only a one turn only it’s not that good. Flip the attack and defensive points for all monsters. It has some interesting results but me I am ditching it. It would be more useful if it was quick play or continues.

Trap hole (Trap). If opponent summons a monster with 1000 attack points or more destroy that monster. Trap hole is such a good card that a good deck can’t be without it. It’s good if your opponent just summon a card that could beat your current monster, better if there was a tribute paid for said summoning.

Monster Reborn (magic) this one is a card that is even more needed in a good deck. Let’s you bring back one monster from either graveyard. This opens up a lot of possibilities. A really strong monster like blue eyes that you destroy a few turns ago can be turn on its master with this card.

Baby Dragon. Monster. A monster dragon with low attack strength. Needed for thousand-dragon fusion so it’s worth being in your deck until you get some stronger monsters.

Eternal Rest (magic) destroys all monsters equip with magic cards. Not a bad card to use if you’re opponent is fond of using axe of despair.

Wabaku (Trap card) any damage done by a monster is reduced to zero. But it only works on one monster I think. Degate attack is better.

Sangan. Effect. A card with only 1000 attack point but then you want it destroy the whole purpose of Sangan is to get it destroyed so you can pull a monster card with 1500 or less out of your deck.

Magician of Faith effect card. A flip effect card with low attack and defense point. But it’s a crucial card to have in a deck. Put it face down in defense position and either flip it up on your next turn or if an opponent attacks it. When that happens one magic card comes back from the graveyard.

Big Eye effect card. Remember the Pokedex card from Pokemon, this card does the same thing when flipped over. Look at 5 cards and reposition them. It’s a handy card but not a necessary one.

Dian Ketto the Cure Master (Magic) I like this card lets you gain 1000 life points in battle. I’ll keep this card.

Milus Radiant Effect. A weakling effect cards that increases earth monster attacks and decrease wind monster. But it’s attack and defense points are so low it’s a one turn play so you’d better use it wisely and prepare for the large amount of life points your going to lose the next turn. I say ditch the card.

Fake Trap. (Trap) Now here’s a card that I will call worthless if another trap card is going to be destroyed you can use the fake one to be destroyed. Not bad if your worried about traps being destroyed but magic jammers and seven tools of the bandit are probably a bit better at doing this.

Giant Trunade (Magic) Here’s a card that comes in handy, seeing how Joey’s deck doesn’t have much in a way of destroying an opponent’s magic cards. Well the problem with this one it doesn’t destroy all magic and trap cards just returns them to the player’s hand. The problem with this is that their magic and trap cards will be back next turn and this card resets cards like Swords of Reveling light. I say this is a keeper until you find a Harpy’s feather duster and then ditch it.

Dragon Treasure (Magic) A dragon type monster is equipped increases it’s stats by 300 points. I am not big on equip cards that only effect one type of monster, I am an ax of despair type person, but if your deck is big on dragon type (and Joey’s deck has a few) it depends if you like dragons then this one is for you, if not ditch.

Armored Lizard: a regular lizard card it doesn’t have a bad attack and defense points but there are better ones then this.

Remove trap (magic) this one is good for destroying a continues trap card, but mystical space typhoon would be better.

Gearfried the Iron Night. (effect) any equip card that gets equipped gets destroyed in other words you can’t equip anything to this person. But it does have 4 stars and 1800 attack points so it’s a keeper in that area.

Swords man of Landstar: a monster with low attack and a mediocre defense do the words ditch immediately mean anything to you.

Ultimate Offering (trap card) when activated this card lets you summon more then one monster per turn at a cost of 500 life points. It’s good for those 2 tribute summons.

Spirit of the Harp: a regular monster with 2000 defense points, it’s a good defense card.

Seven tool of the bandit (trap) This card is definitely a keeper. It counter and deactivates any trap cards played, at a cost of 1000 of your life points.

Polymorization (magic) this card basically lets you use fusion monsters. Needed if you want to use fusion monsters and sense the best cards in Joey’s deck require fusion it’s a card you want to keep.

Karate Man (effect) this monster card is one shot activation. It doubles is attack to 2000 but is destroyed at the end of turn. It’s good if you need to get rid of a stronger card that is less then 2000. I say keep it intill you get stronger cards then ditch it.

Reverse trap (trap) all increases and decreases are reversed the turn that this is activated

Flame manipulator: a poor card with low attack power only good for fusion for flame sword man.

Reinforcements: (trap) increase the attack of a selected monster by 500. Good offense and defensive

Flames Swordsmen: fuse flame manipulator with Myasake the legendary swords men to get this decent fire type monster.

Just Desserts (trap) inflicts 500-life point damage for every monster opponent has on field. Not a bad card if you like taking cheap shots.

Island turtle: another monster with 2000 defense points. A definite keeper.

Princess of Tsuguri (effect) Teach your opponent what’s wrong with setting to many trap cards down by inflicting 500 points for each card on his magic and trap row. Ouch.

The reliable guardian. (magic) increase a defense of a monster by 700 a quick play magic card that’s good at saving butt.

Dark fire Solider. A regular monster with 4 stars and 1700 attack point so he’s good.
White magical hat (effect). If he gets an attack on opponent’s life point, opponent gets the discard a card from hand. Problem is this monster only got 1000-attack point.

Maho Valio (effect) for each equip card he has he also increase is attack by 500 points. To bad Joey’s deck doesn’t have to many equip cards.

Thousand dragon. Fuses baby dragon and time wizard together. His attack is has great has the red eyes black dragon.

Castle Walls (trap) another card for increasing the defense of a monster.

De-Spell (magic) flip a card over if it’s a magic destroy it. Good but only if you have never heard of Harpy’s feather duster before.

Masaki the legendary swords man: an OK card with 1100 points on each state, needed for flame swords men.

Block Attack (magic) flip an enemy into defense mode. It’s good for enemies with high attacks and low defense points.

Dark Hole (magic) I like Raigeki better then this card but hey it will do. Destroy all monsters on both sides of the field. Make sure you play this at the right time and don’t destroy a monster you need.

Malevolent Nuzzler (magic) increases a monster by 700. Not bad but um axe of despair is still better.

Mountain (magic): Mountain a field change card. Good if you don’t mind limiting yourself to the type of monsters on the field.

Harpies Brother: a good monster with 1800 a good monster to have.

Change of Heart (magic) No good deck, I repeat no good deck is complete without the change of heart card. Lets you take control of any monster on opponent’s side of feel and turn against it. While it’s good for a cheap shot you can also sacrifice said monster so it’s a good way to kill powerful monsters used by the opponent and get stronger monsters of your own up on the field.

Scapegoat. (Magic) a good defensive magic card that lets you place monster tokens on the field to defend your life points.

Penguin Soldier (effect) more annoying then the man-eater bug. Let’s you put to monster on the field back in the respective hands. Blue eyes a white dragon doesn’t have a chance. And sense it goes back into the person’s hand he can’t just play Monster Reborn to get it back.

Cards to add to Joey’s deck.
Joey’s deck isn’t a bad starter but it’s missing some good cards to get it up to par. First off there are not many cards that can stop the opponent from setting magic cards. De-Spell you risk turning up a trap card and wasting it, and with Giant Trunade only puts them back into there hand meaning they’ll be back next turn. I recommend putting in Mystical Space Typhoon, and Harpies Feather Duster.

Other cards.
Raigieki. I am a Raigeki person rather then dark hole. Raigeki only destroys the opponents’ monsters and not your own like Dark Hole does.

Mirror Force.
A favorite of mines degantes the attack and then destroys any monster card that is in attack mode.

Bell/Ring of destruction.
I am not sure what this is called in the cartoon series Kaiba calls it Ring but in the GBA game is bell, but it looks more like a ring if you ask me. This one I am putting in just because I like using it, not because it’s super powerful. Select any face up monster on the field and destroy it, both people loose the number of attack points of monster off their life points. It’s a devious card to play if done at the right time.

Morphing Jar.
Got a bad hand, or pretty sure that you’re opponent’s got a good hand. Morphing jar is a good card to play. When flipped over both players discard there hands and draw a new one containing 5 cards. Interesting combo’s can be used with the monster reborn card to.

Blue eyes white Dragon. OK I am not a big fan of red eyes black dragon, it can be used to fuse better then the blue eyes, but none of these fusion’s are in the deck. Both dragons require two sacrifices but Blue eyes is a 600 attack points stronger and 500 def points stronger.

Other things that come with the deck.
The deck also comes with an overly complicated instruction book let for Yugioh trading card game. Along with a paper mat lets you keep track of cards on your side of the field.

Final thoughts.
I did like Joey’s deck but it needs more cards that destroy magic cards. Also I am not fond of red eyes since it requires 2 tributes but only has 2400 attack points.

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 9.99
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: 9 Years or Older

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