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Jul 26, 2010 (Updated Jul 26, 2010)
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The Bottom Line: needs upgrading by the company

My dog was taken right off the streets as a rescue dog.
she is a beagle mix and I got the medium size for her.
She originally was brought to a home at the end of a dead end road with 300 acres to run and we didn't have a problem letting her right out the door on to our property.

 I purchased this harness because we were moving to an area that has a main road and she had gotten out of regular collars multiple times ~ we almost renamed her Houdini!
Our fear was she would get loose and get hit.
This harness has been great we felt safe with her on it until yesterday when the adjustable clip broke right in half, down the "seam" of the plastic.

She was almost in the road when I got to her, and yes a car was coming !!! 

I called Petco where I bought it and they immediately agreed to replace it and were very concerned that she almost got hit and were great, I also called Yuppie Puppy directly, I got right through and the young lady that answered the phone was great also, she said as soon as she got off the phone she was going to speak to her vice president took my name and number and said I may get a call back from them
I suggested stronger ~ perhaps metal clips so this doesn't happen to someone else.
 It could have been a tragedy and I don't want anyone losing their dog needlessly.
So although I feel this is a great product it still requires the owners to frequently inspect it.
I hope they replace the clip and improve their product / I will continue using this product, especially if they change the clip and do their part keeping our "fur~babies" safer!
I will respond again if I get a call back from the company as well (it would show they care) and hopefully they are going to do something about it.

there wasn't enough room to write pros and cons so here they are !

PROS ~keeps dog from slipping out of collar and getting lost or hit by cars!
comfortable for her to wear ~ she gets excited when she puts it on!

CONS ~the clip needs to be inspected / hopefully Yuppie Puppie company will replace the plastic with metal or a stronger more reliable clip
oh and the part under the armpits is almost impossible to get fur off off
but I am more concerned with the safety issue than the fur.

I gave it an average rating ONLY because of the clip

If Yuppie Puppie replaces it with metal i'd say it was an Outstanding product!

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