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Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll

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Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll

May 16, 2006
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Cons:None at all.

The Bottom Line: The Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll is a little girl's dream doll.

I bought the Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll for my daughter just this past Easter. It requires 3 double a batteries which did not come included in the package. The doll came with a bottle suited to fit nicely in her mouth for play, a binky pacifier with clasp to put onto the dolls clothing. Wears one pink and white romper outfit, has one diaper and a cute little cuddly teddy bear as well.

I paid 29.99 for the doll at KB Toys store here in Rhode Island. To be honest I could not find the doll anywhere else and I had surfed the internet as well, but they were out of stock every where. Amazing how quickly they sell out of this doll.

The Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll comes with complete and detailed instructions on use of the doll, care of the doll and precautions about using mixed batteries and so fourth. That is a big plus for me because I like to read all the details before I give a toy to my daughter. This doll is recommended for children ages 3 and over. My daughter happens to fall right on the 3 year old mark so I was fine with that. There are really no small parts involved. So I liked the fact that I don't have to worry about her choking on anything with it.

Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Dolls are 19 inches tall. They have disk joints, molded hands face and feet, and a softer body middle. Batteries are put in the back under the velcro. You'll need a phillips head screw driver to open the case.

The doll it's self is so great. My daughter adores her a lot. She is motion sensitive. She will either wake up laughing, or she will wake up crying. To get her to stop crying to have to pat her on the back. No you can't just push a button, you really have to pat her back until she lets out a sigh and starts giggling again. When pacifier or bottle is placed into the doll's mouth is makes sucking noises. Then when doll is not being played with or just being held, it will yawn as if she is getting sleepy. The child must then rock the doll and as the child rocks the doll she will drift to sleep and close her eyes. You hear her snoring very lightly. Just adorable. Way more realistic then anything I had when I was a kid.

Just to let you know there are many accessories you can buy for this doll seperately. My daughter has just about all of them already. The Zapf Creations Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Doll has become her favorite doll. She carries her and takes her with us every where we go. I am very pleased with the purchase I chose to make. I don't think anything else would have pleased her as much as this doll did. I am impressed by how sturdy it is. It has lasted through being dropped, left outside in the hot sun, taken to the playground. I am so shocked by it.

Of course you most likely already know this but I am going to tell you anyway. This doll is not machine washable. Getting this doll wet or saturated with any liquid could cause it not to work properly or not to work at all. If the doll gets dirty simply wash her off with a damp cloth or sponge and some mild soap. The clothes however, are machine washable. You can remove them easily with the velcro and toss them in with your regular laundry. They can be dried in the same method as your regular laundry as well.

All in all this would be great for any little girl, and I find it to be a nice way to teach my daughter to be nurturing. Thats important for any little girl to learn.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 29.99
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: Other

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