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I did a fine job picking this game out if I do say so myself

Feb 20, 2005 (Updated Mar 15, 2005)
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Pros:Quick game play, durable cards

Cons:Hard to see pictures on the cards

The Bottom Line: This very inexpensive game should last a long time. Would be a fun game to play with friends or the family.

My son had some money burning a whole in his pocket and since I was going to Wal-Mart and he wasn’t he wanted me to pick up a card game for him. Wal-Mart actually had a large selection of card games so it took a little decision making. I finally decided on Zigity because it looked simple yet different. The game looked modern and seemed like something that would appeal to my 11-year-old.

The cards seemed very inexpensive priced at just $5.50 for the deck which was lower than similar card games. The deck may cost a few dollars more if you get the card tin which I would have opted for if it were an option at the time. We currently have ours cards in a baggie which his a little unbecoming of a game.

The box indicates that the game is for ages 8 and up which means that I would be old enough (expected) to play. My daughter, age 5, would of course want to play so I figured since there wasn’t any reading to do this would be a good choice.

My son was very pleased with my selection. He loved the design of the cards and how the game was played.

The game contains 80 playing cards which are sealed in a paper box. The box must be opened carefully otherwise the cards will not be able to be stored in it. The instructions are in color very detailed and concise with useful pictures. This is by far the best set of game instructions that I’ve seen for a card game. It is set up for people like me who don’t like to read directions. If you want to see details of this game or lose your instructions and need them later you can see the identical instructions on their website: http://www.cranium.com/documents/us/help/zigityrules.pdf

Game play is pretty simple and similar to other games. There are four types of cards in the set. The first is called Creative Cat. This is a puzzle; you overlay three cards to complete the puzzle. The second one is Star Performer in which you match instruments. The third is called Data Head in which you add numbers to make 11. The fourth is called Word Worm where you use your hand to spell a word. There is a Free card that can be used as a joker. There are also three action cards such as dodge, draw, and bounce which effects a persons turn. Whoever runs out of cards the quickest wins the game.

The game moves very fast and the kids didn’t have any problems keeping up with game play. We were all able to hold our cards even though they seemed very slippery as a deck. I thought the game was really fun but they still rank UNO as the number one card game and I do not know if any other game could possibly top it. I personally do prefer this game over UNO because it’s much shorter lasting only 10 minutes in length, sometimes even less, which is nice since we have to play until everyone at the table winds a round.

I like how the game is similar to other card games because there's not many rules to remember. Unlike other games, you are not required to draw cards from the deck until you get the one you need. Drawing only one card per turn enables the player to hold the cards correctly in their hand and for faster game play.

The illustrations on the cards are very hard to see. I have perfect eyesight and I had to squint and bring the card closer to my eyes several times. This may be a burden when choosing a card but is a benefit for children who tend to wave their hand around. It’s very difficult to see what an opponent is holding.

Another problem that I have found is that the game is slightly stressful for me because I am unsure how to sort the cards in my hand. It is not possible to see all 4 corners of the cards when holding them so you have to know how you want them sorted in your hand. Seven cards in your hands technically gives you 28 choices to choose from which I find nerve-racking since the game moves so quickly. With the topic card changing so quickly I sometimes don’t know if I’m coming or going.

The cards are unlike any that I have ever seen before. They are totally clear and the game information is laminated in round pictures inside the thin card. The cards are similar in size to a regular deck of cards except the material is plastic. It reminds me of a credit card but a little flimsier. I tried to scratch the game information off with my finger nail without avail; the picture is inside the card. We haven’t had these long enough to say for sure how long they will last but they have already outlasted some traditional card sets. The cards can get damp without ruining the game. You won’t have to worry about the edges getting split or the card getting bent like traditional cards. When I first held the cards in my hand they slipped out and spilled all over the place three times before I learned my lesson.

The game does stimulate the brain but I wouldn’t consider it a learning game. The spelling is where I have run into problems. My son always wants to spell bad words or doesn’t know the correct spelling of a real word.

My kids enjoy playing the cards and they play the game a few times a week which I think is a pretty good deal for $5.50. I think that it gets more use than a board game because it’s small, portable, easy to store, and easy to keep the pieces together. Game play can be explained to another quickly. The cards are very durable and should last many years no matter how many times the game is played.

The game can be ordered only by visiting their website at www.cranium.com or calling Cranium’s toll free number at 1-877-272-6486. The game can also be found at stores such as Wal-Mart or ToysRUs.

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 5.50
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: 9 Years or Older

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