Zilactin B 6 Hour Canker & Mouth Sore Gel 0.25 Oz. Reviews

Zilactin B 6 Hour Canker & Mouth Sore Gel 0.25 Oz.

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Zilactin for Canker & Mouth Sores

Apr 18, 2009
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Pros:Quickly relieves the pain of canker sores.  Last for several hours.

Cons:It stings like crazy when you apply it, takes a while to dry

The Bottom Line: Zilactin-B has been such a blessing to me.  It helps me get on with life.

Years ago a friend told me about a great product that her dentist recommended to her for mouth sores.  It's called Zilactin, and it was made by Zila Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  The tube lasted me for several years, but this past week when I suddenly had two canker sores on the tip of my tongue, I sadly learned that the tube was nearly empty and the gel was hard. 

I went shopping for another tube of Zilactin, but could not find the same product that I loved so much.  Instead, the store was carrying Zilactin-B.  In doing this review, I realized that the company has changed as well, this product is now made by Blairex Laboratories, Inc.


Zilactin-B comes in a small 0.25 ounce tube.  It's only three inches long.  This tube is packaged inside of a small box, with a hang tag so the store can display it easily. 

According to the box in front of me, Zilactin is a "Patented Bioadhesive" oral pain reliever that promotes healing of canker sores, mouth sores, dentures, braces, and gum irritations.  The product claims to give fast pain relief that will last up to six hours.

It even goes so far as to state that you can eat and drink normally after the Zilactin-B has been applied. 

How To Use Zilactin-B

The directions state that this product should only be used on adults and children 2 years and older.  After drying the canker sore area you dab a little bit of Zilactin-B with your finger or a Q-Tip, and allow it to dry for 30-60 seconds.

How Often Can One Use This?

Zilactin-B can be used as often as every 6 hours, so you can use this four times a day.
My Experience

If you have ever suffered with canker sores, you know how uncomfortable they are - especially when you have two sores right next to each other.  I was having a hard time eating, drinking and brushing my teeth, and although my sores were small, they were very painful. 

Although there seems to be a difference in the way Zilactin and Zilactin-B are marketed, they seem to do the same job, and this new Zilactin-B is just as effective as the original Zilactin I have used in the past.

When I removed the cap off of the tube, there was a indented mark on the cone shaped nose of the tube, and this is where you need to cut with a knife or scissors in order to break the seal and squeeze the product out.

Zilactin-B is a dark orange color, and it smells pretty medicinal, with a strong odor of alcohol.  It's a medium consistency, almost like a gel, and it is easy to apply.  Be prepared, however, because when this touches the canker sores it really, really stings! 

The hardest part about applying Zilactin-B isn't the stinging, but it's hard to keep the tongue dry for the 30-60 seconds it takes for the product to dry and form a thin white layer of protection over the sore.  When my mouth is left open, it starts to product saliva, so it's challenging to keep the sore area dry!

After Zilactin-B is completely dry, my tongue feels strange, almost like something is pulling on it.  It's as if the medication shrinks after it gets dry, but it's a very difficult sensation to describe.  But the good news is, the pain is GONE.  Zilactin-B really does live up to it's claim of "fast pain relief". 

I can now eat and drink, and since the canker sore is covered with this thin protective layer, I can do so without any pain.  It's really quite remarkable how well this product works! 

The active ingredient in Zilactin-B is benzocaine (10%), which is a local anesthetic that is used in a variety of mouth care products to get rid of pain.  It's the same ingredient in the popular Orajel product.

Over the years I have suffered many times with canker sores, and I have tried numerous other products to deaden the pain, but the problem I had with them was the pain relief was very short lived.  When I use Zilactin-B get pain relief for several hours!  The film that forms when Zilactin-B dries is very durable and sticks amazingly well.  In fact, the box warns not to peel off this protective film, as it can cause more irritation or tenderness.  I can totally see how that would happen.  Kind of like a kid trying to get his tongue unstuck from a frozen metal post!  A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

After the product dries, there is no taste to it at all.  I don't understand how a medication that comes out of the tube orange can dry to a white color, but this is exactly what happens.  The sores are also visible when the Zilactin-B has dried, they are also white but stand out from the other areas on my tongue that also has the medication.

I accidentally got a little bit of this on my upper lip when I was applying it, and it made my lip go numb, but I really don't have that numbing sensation when it has dried on my tongue.

Zilactin-B has been a huge help to me when I get a canker sore or two in my mouth.  Canker sores are very common, and affect an estimated 20% of the population.  If you are one of those who suffer from these ailments, I highly recommend giving Zilactin-B a try.

Ingredients (Taken from my box)

Active: Benzocaine 10% (oral pain reliever)
Inactive: Boric acid, hydroxypropylcellulose, propylene glycol, purified water, salicylic acid, SD alcohol, tannic acid.

Zilactin-B contains alcohol 70% by volume. 

Shelf Life
My tube of Zilactin-B has an expiration date of 12/10, but I know I was able to use my tube of original Zilactin for several years.

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