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Zinsser Paper Tiger 1head Wallpaper Scoring Tool 02966

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Zinsser Paper Tiger: For Stripping Wallpaper

Feb 11, 2009
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Pros:Easy and comfortable to hold and use.  Inexpensive.  Doesn't damage drywall or plaster. 

Cons:Wallpaper came off in tiny sections, making for tedious work.

The Bottom Line: This tool was highly recommended to me, but I had much better results using my steamer. 

About two years ago my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen and dining room.  I was a long, drawn out process that took us three months.  We hired a contractor to custom build our cabinets, and a friend was our designer. 

We were responsible for removing all of the old wallpaper, (which consisted of two layers of wallpaper), and painting the other walls. We put up tile where the wallpaper used to be, and the cabinets went clear to the ceiling, so we didn't need to do any texturing to the sheetrock once the wallpaper was removed.

My designer friend had told me about a tool that helps you remove wallpaper from sheetrock, and one day when I was purchasing paint from a Sherwin Williams store, they had wallpaper paste and other supplies on hand, including this Zinsser Paper Tiger Wallpaper Scoring Tool.


I wasn't sure what the tool would look like, but I remember being surprised at the design.  This is a round plastic tool, with a nice rounded top that makes it easy to grip and hold.  Below the handle are a multitude of silver colored hardened steel cutting blades, going in multiple directions. 

There are small indentations, or ridges, around the outside edge of the top, making the tool easy to hold, even with wet sticky hands.

The tool retails for around $10.00.

Product Claims (Taken from the Zinsser website):

* Scores an entire room in minutes
* Perforates wallcovering to allow wallpaper removal to penetrate
* Won't damage walls
* Eliminates the need for steamers
* Won't rust, corrode or wear out

My Experience

When I said earlier that it was "our" job to remove the old wallpaper, I should have said "my" job.  My husband really didn't lend much help in this area, and I spent two days removing the two layers of old wallpaper.

This is an easy tool to use, you simply hold it flat against your wall, and start making circular movements on the wall to score it with the stripping tool.  The claw like "teeth" will dig into the paper just enough to perforate the wallpaper.  You can use this in any direction, up or down as well as across. 

In order to remove old wallpaper, you need to loosen the glue, in our case two layers of it, since we had put one layer of wallpaper on top of another.  The thinking behind this tool is simple: score the walls, spray a wallpaper remover solution on the wall, and the solution will seep through the holes, dissolving the old glue, and making the job of removing the wallpaper easier. 

Well, not so simple!  I really didn't care for the job that the Zinsser did on my walls.  Yes, it allowed the liquid to get under the paper to dissolve the paste, and yes it didn't penetrate deep enough to damage my sheetrock (but still went through both layers of paper).  I'm all good with that.  However, when the time came to pull the old wallpaper off the wall, it was so full of holes that it came off in tiny sections instead of one large strip!

After spending way too much time pulling off all of these small, sticky sections of my old wallpaper, I decided to get out the steamer that I use to get wrinkles out of my clothes, and this did an amazing job of loosening the paper, and it actually came off in large sections!! 
I still have the Zinsser Paper Tiger Wallpaper Scoring Tool, it's stored away with all of my other wallpapering supplies. 

Will I use it again?  I highly doubt it.  Now, my friend who recommended this tool to me honestly raved about it, so she obviously had better results than I did.  The steamer method saved me, literally, hours of labor over using the scoring method.  I hate to write negative reviews, but honestly I can't say I had a positive experience with it. 

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