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The Sharp Zyliss Swivel Peeler Peels the Tops Right Off Carrots!

Jun 16, 2003
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Pros:SHARP blade, wonderful angle to handle, contoured, blade cover

Cons:This thing peels so well that carrot-length peels stick behind the blade

The Bottom Line: I love this Zyliss tool, which makes peeling a breeze. The angled handle, contour, and exceptionally sharp blade are absolutely wonderful.

I’m building a collection of Zyliss kitchen tools. One of the most-used tools in my vegetarian kitchen a vegetable peeler. So I picked up the Zyliss Swivel Peeler to add to my collection, even though I already own an Oxo Swivel Peeler.

Appearance, Design & Features

Zyliss products have a shiny white appearance. They are packaged on a blue and white tag, and are easily recognizable.

This entire swivel peeler is white, with the exception of three things. There’s the metal blade, which is exceptionally sharp. This is my most favorite thing about this tool. Next is the tip, which looks like a frosted metal, maybe what non-stick metal looks like. The tip is designed for things like removing the eyes from potatoes. And the third part is a hole in the handle, which is reinforced with metal, and additionally stamped with the Zyliss logo. The hole allows for additional storage options, if you want to hang your kitchen items.

The Zyliss Swivel Peeler comes with a little plastic cover that snaps over the blade. I would assume that it is provided as a protective cover. This way, I can snap the cover on when I place the peeler in a drawer, and I don’t have to worry that I’ll peel off a fingertip!


The Zyliss website description: ”Automatically fits comfortably into the hand. Optimal blade width that cuts in easily and facilitates efficient work. Ideal eye-remover radius to remove potato eyes without unnecessary force and risk of injury.”

The sharp blade does a wonderful job of slicing through fruits and veggies. I was truly amazed when I first tried it. Sometimes it takes several tries to break through the skin, but with the Zyliss Swivel Peeler, I have success.

In fact, the blade is so hardy and sharp, that I got lazy. I didn’t even bother getting out a knife to cut off the tops of the carrots- I just used the Zyliss Swivel Peeler! How great!

There is no going over surfaces more than once. This peeler cuts thoroughly, but not so deep that there’s no veggie left.

The tip is nicely designed, and I had no problem coring out potato eyes.

I find that the design of this tool is wonderful. I really like the angle of the handle, which somehow makes peeling easier. There is a slight angle between the handle and the blade, and this facilitates easier peeling.

The Fleeting Orange Carrot Stain

In my last Zyliss review, I talked about how I stained my Zyliss Slotted Turner with curry spices, where the gray surface is now permanently stained a yellow.

I figured the hard, white surface of my Zyliss tools is a better repellent of stains. However, last time I peeled carrots, there was what looked like quite a bit of orange staining on the handle. However, it turns out that I hadn’t washed the peeler enough, rather than it being a permanent stain. I think the permanent stains are likely on Zyliss tools that have gray parts.

Dishwasher Safe?

This tool is dishwasher safe. However, I find it easier to just rinse this off, especially since it never really needs a full washing. This way, little bits of peels aren’t left to dry on the peeler, and it’s ready to go back in the drawer fairly soon.

Durability & Materials

This is a well-made product. The blades are stainless steel, and are therefore rust-proof. The plastic is UV protected, and won’t yellow. I hope to see this product last for years and stay in good condition.


The only thing I find irritating about this product is that long peels seem to stay behind the handle. I think the reason that it happens with this product is because the blade is so sharp, therefore yielding longer peels (like with a carrot). Instead of small peels getting thrown out from behind the blade, long peels are left hanging there. I doubt there’s really any solution to this. I don’t know if this could be remedied by there being a larger space behind the blade. What I end up doing is either shaking or pulling off the peel, or just peeling over it (and cutting the peel in the process). But because I enjoy using this Zyliss Swivel Peeler so much, a few stuck peels don’t stop me.

Normally I would say that I like the security of Oxo’s product handles over others, but I don’t have a problem with this one. The shape of the handle is contoured to reduce slipping, and I never find that I have any problems.

Price & Where to Purchase

I buy many of my kitchen supplies at Linen’s N Things, where I bought this one. It cost me around $7.00.


Zyliss: http//www.zyliss.com

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This Zyliss Swivel Peeler gets a ton of use in my house. I love the sharp blade, which really cuts down (hah hah!) on meal preparations. I find the angle of the handle to be quite efficient and comfortable. This is a precision tool, and I’m thrilled to have it in my collection.

As a note, I do own an Oxo Swivel Peeler, which I reviewed and assigned 5 stars. The two are very different, but I would say they perform at the same level. It’s comparing apples to oranges, so I use whichever one is best fitting to what I’m preparing. It’s nice to have the both for situations where there are several of us preparing food, and two people can peel things at once.

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