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Pros:The only book exclusively about DMT on the market

Cons:A sense of constricted scientism preventing an accurate overall communication of the nature of DMT

The Bottom Line: If you wish to learn about DMT, this is the book you should retain for your Llama's Gnome's Vestibules of Popings!

Indeed, this IS revolutionary research.
A doctor who has discovered what he believes IS the spirit molecule, even the god molecule, with anecdotal evidence piecing together a very convincing case of such a hypothesis.
Now, of course the establishment scientific community has not exactly welcomed this news with open arms, nor has this research appeared to cause much of a ripple among most sentients of english countence!

Largely because DMT is perceived to be a drug, a 'hallucinogen', merely causing something like a temporal lope epilepsy in the brain conseqenting abherent visions.
Yet, the obviously 'in the know' Strassman, after test subject after test subject unequivocably stated the vivid nature of their experiences, and the stark CLARITY of their visions and experiences, could no longer sustain a supposed monocled skepticism as the actual validity and reality of experiences became evident within an overall objective gestalt of subjectivity!

Rick Strassman was a medical researcher focusing upon the implications of the secretions of the pineal gland, especially melatonin, and was led to believe that n,n,diemethyltryptamine was the missing link to his research in understanding the human brain.

It was for this reason he finally received permission (after many years of ploughing through beurocracy) to pilot human test studies of the effect of injected DMT in human subjects. This is the only time the use of a substance of a psychedelic nature has been FDA approved within the last two decades.

A large part of this book consists of trailing through scientific protocols of administiring DMT to people in a hospital(!) The book also describes the difficulties translating such personal experiences and often highly eccentric individual personalities into the protocols and requirements he was working under.
There are many delicately and half formed hypothesis about the nature of this substance in the human brain, yet no overwhelming EUREKAS!
Certainly, I feel Dr Strassman is as baffled and confused by this substance as anyone else, despite the immense implications of its effects on human beings.

There are many reports of people's experiences with DMT, which I feel is the most valuable aspect of the book, to give the reader interpretative understandings of the nature of this substance. These reports are extraordinarily interesting. Yet, one cannot help feel Strassman is standing on the fence, and could more firmly take a stand on several of the more important existential issues implicated by DMT. One feels he is restricted by his scientific protocols and role as a responsible researcher. And yet, his research does provide a very solid scientific background to the nature of DMT, and he has probably gone as far as one can go utilising those protocols.

However, the book is very much targetted toward a mainstream readership, and those interested in such things as lucid dreams, the human brain and consciousness research will find this a very informative and eye opening read into the potentials of the human organism.

Does DMT catalyse 'real' experiences?
Only you can know.
DMT is not like anything else.
It is utterly unexpected.
Utterly familiar.
A true revelation.

This book is a good way to get background information on the basis of what we know about this substance, and is a very good record of a ground breaking journey in science.

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