Another Platinum Right of Morning View

Mar 2, 2004
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Pros:a new side of Incubus, all-around solid cd

Cons:no lance, need a little more DJ Kilmore in the mix!

The Bottom Line: As an avid Incubus fan, this cd isn't their best (please.. S.C.I.E.N.C.E.) but still a solid showing that I feel I can listen to again and again.

Upon popping in the cd, of which I had been waiting for for 2 months in high anticipation, I won't lie: I was disappointed. My initial thought was "this isn't the Incubus i know and love!" But as usual I became convinced after a couple runs through the cd that this was truly Incubus. As a veteran of the Incubus sound (I saw them OPEN for the Deftones years ago... who would have thought..) I grew to enjoy the cd and the solid vocals and riffs. In particular, my favorites on the cd are of course the hit single, "Megalomaniac", "Sick Sad Little World" , and "Southern Girl". The harder edge is a big contrast to morning view, but welcome. Incubus always produces albums that are completely unique from the previous, which can be a shocking, albeit fresh, breath of air. The lack of DJ Kilmore on more songs is a little bit of a letdown, but necessary to continue the new edge being brought in the songs. The vocals are still classic Brandon, but Lance is missed throughout the cd with his absence. The following is a rating by each song out of 5 stars:
1. Megalomaniac- 5/5... def. the star of the cd
2. 2. A Crow Left of the Murder-4/5 nice guitar riffs
3. Agoraphobia- 3/5.. the new sound of Incubus, solid
4. Talk Show on Mute-4/5 slower paced awesome lyrics
5. Beware! Criminal-5/5.. slight hint of original Incubus
6. Sick Sad Little World-5/5.. screaming lyrics, solid all around, the next single off the cd, GREAT GUITAR    
7. Pistola-4/5.. enjoyable song, nice slow to fast pace
8. Southern Girl- 5/5, lyrics are powerful, slower song    
9. Priceless- 3/5, an average song..    
10. Zee Deveel- 3/5.. a fun, weird song    
11. Made for TV Movie-4/5.. would be great in concert    
12. Smile Lines- 4/5..beginning, middle, end.. all
13. Here in My Room- 5/5.. another great track on the cd, guaranteed enjoyable! piano track is nice change  
14. Leech-5/5.. crazy end to a crazy, quick-paced cd

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