Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 [Bundle]  (Sony Playstation 3, 2010) Reviews

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 [Bundle] (Sony Playstation 3, 2010)

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Top shot elite is not so elite

Dec 18, 2010
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Pros:well designed gun controller

Cons:game mechanics cause headaches, poor calibration, poor directions, gets boring fast.

The Bottom Line: It is in my closet repackaged and never to be used again...that says it all.

I saw this title at walmart and decided that I wanted to try the move gun shooting function, so why not!  I picked up the PS Eye as well so I could play, here is what transpired...

First Impression: I was very excited, and although the gun is white and orange (for safety reasons, don't want law officials to get confused) I can get past that easy so long as it feels good.  It's construction is very good.  Easy to assemble the gun comes in three parts, you will need a screw driver to take out the battery plates but its very easy to put together!  I followed the instructions to get it hooked up and found problem number one.  The instructions loved to be brief (maybe to fit the six different languages they had in there) and they failed to mention that you have to hit the PS button twice on the gun, THEN hit the connect "button" (its not so much a button, but its there) on the wireless receiver.  The instructions have you hit the PS button once, then the connect button and it didn't work.  If the lights are flashing slow it will not connect, hit the PS button again and the lights will look like they are having a seizure, now press the connect button on the wireless receiver.

Movement: After shouldering the rifle and realizing it felt good (and with the adjustable stock it was actually comfortable, almost normal!) I put in dangerous hunts 2011 and fired it up.  Off the bat I noticed that the calibration was miserable.  I scratched my head, "isn't the move a phenomenal tracking device that uses the PS EYE to track you perfectly no matter where you are?"  It is, sadly, this device DOES NOT use the eye!  You can get JUST this game and it will work out of the box, it is just move "compatible".  So I unplugged my camera and noticed it still worked, though pathetically, off of an IR (infra-red) receiver that came with the product.  They tell you to place it above of below the TV (Bigger TV's place below, smaller TV's above) but remember, IR uses something like an invisible laser, so I put the IR sensor on the bottom of the TV.  If I point at the IR sensor (being below my TV) it would center the cursor BECAUSE according to the IR sensor, I was looking dead at it.  Frustrated beyond limit, I went to search for calibration.

Calibrating: I exited the game and searched for the calibrate function on the PS3 menu, long story short that only calibrated MOVE pieces, NOT this gun.  I found out eventually that the calibrate was in game, so I went in, Hoping that the gun would work much better.  All the reviews I read and the in game calibration screen tells me to stand at least 2 yards back and I was about three yards back.  It then tells you to aim at a red circle and shoot (or hit X) and another red circle and you are done.  Standing three yards back it still had trouble and kept telling me I was going off screen, eventually I got it close enough by crouching on my couch with my arm way back, not a comfy position to play from for hours, but it would do.  Mind you this was about 4 yards away now, still shotty at best, so make sure you have about 5 yards...yea, don't get this if you have a small room.

Playing the game: So I get in the game, we are met with galleries (pictures of animals) and the game's "story" mode.  You start out way back in time, 1980...something and you meet up with a terrible wolf creature.  The moving in game is a little strange, but the controls on the gun were easily reached and didn't really feel awkward to press any buttons, well designed.  You just move here, no shooting, and watch the cinematic basically.  They keep it short, thankfully and you go into your next scene.  You are now a kid (I personally did not like that but maybe the story has you grow up!) and you are out hunting.  After a few marksman practices you are ready to hunt!  The practices were not that bad at all and end quickly.  You are now sent out to kill your first animal.  I wondered off in the snow covered woodsy area and noticed, I had no clue where I was going and every time I moved I got a little lost.  The game eventually had the "hey stupid" alert and told me to hit Circle to turn on my animal tracking sense!  Yes!  Now I can find this animal I am supposed to kill!  I turned it on and its a wavy green blue red what the heck?  I cant see anything!  I was expecting the animal to show up outlined or something, though not to realistic I just wanted to shoot something!  After wondering around for thirty minutes, I accidentally stumbled on one key factor they again fail to mention, you must look through your red scope while in animal tracking mode and arrows point to footsteps!  Now I am on my way to tracking this beast!  Took long enough!  I began to follow the footsteps when I could not walk any further, I was blocked by a log.  So I exited animal tracking mode, looked around, where the heck was I?  Maybe the animal was near by, so I walked a few steps, nothing, and entered tracking mode again.  Where did I come from?  I was lost again!  In the long run, after looking for an hour, I quit.

maybe I am not cut out for this kind of game, maybe I suck!  But I could feel what the game was going to do, boast it has hours of game play because you spend hours looking through your red scope following footprints to only get lost and track them again and again!  Not enough of the main feature, a large GUN on the front of the box with all these cool features!  Wasted on a game that wanted to do more than just a classic point and shoot, but didn't need to!  I have been waiting for a decent arcade like shooting and it has not come!  I don't want full control over my character, all that does is allow the percentage of average players to not tweak that final shot and get eaten alive...constantly.

In the end, dont touch it.  Motion games are being spit out all over the place now and they are all pretty bad.  No one wants to release the good games, instead they are going to make money first off of the hype of motion technology, then release the good stuff.  Give it a few years to improve.

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