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Acu-Rite Weather Forecaster (02010)

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NOT VIEWABLE from Eye Level

Jul 8, 2013
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Pros:3 stage Forecasting Feature that can be user Calibrated to improve accuracy.

Cons:Terrible display designed only for specific angle viewing lower than eye level.

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this unit unless you are specifically looking for a model to sit at an angle about table height.

I purchased this yesterday.  Unfortunately I will be returning it tomorrow for the ONE reason stated in the title.  The MODEL of the station i purchased is 02037 but is not EASILY found on the box.  It is located in tiny numbers right above the bar code on the back of the box.  This unit is identical to the unit shown with the model 02010.
The display is designed to be viewed nicely from ABOVE and it is very BLUE when the back-lite is used and more grayish without the back-light.  If you intend to sit this on a table using the nice little built in stand, and look at it as you walk by, it has a display that can be seen.  If however, like me, you want to use this nice small station beside your bed, on a nightstand at approximately eye level, it is completely un-viewable, especially when using the back-light.  It is also not easily viewable when held up to the wall at eye level, as if you were going to hang it on a nail.  You would have to hang it significantly below eye level to see it at all, and then it is not really good, because it was designed to be viewed at the angle provided by the built in stand.  I feel this is a significant design flaw and this is the reason I will give it a low rating and return it.

I am a huge fan of LaCrosse Technologies Weather Stations but did not want to wait to order one online so I thought I'd give this AcuRite station a try.  If you do not need to see it at eye level you might really like this station.  It feels nice.  The battery cover comes off easily and seems durable.  There is a very nice feature allowing you to pair up as many as 3 outside sending units (A,B,C) with separate weather stations by setting a small switch inside both the sending unit and the station to either A, B, or C.  

The directions were simple to follow and everything worked as suggested except that something I read led me to expect this clock set in automatically, but I couldn't find instructions on making that happen so I don't think it is an "atomic clock"!  It was easy to set everything manually, although those buttons are on the side in the back.  I would prefer buttons on the face so I can see what I'm pushing without turning the unit around.  With a lot of use you'd become familiar...but really, it's only necessary to reset when changing the batteries, so maybe some people prefer to have the buttons out of site.     

There is a 3 segment "forecast" that I think is nice.  Instead of one general forecast, it breaks it into three segments:  4 hour, 4-8 hour and 8-12 hour.  It may be sunny all morning but expect rain afternoon or evening...that is a very nice feature.  I'd like to see that on LaCrosse stations.  It also has settings for geography...breaking North America into several separate segments...the purpose being to more closely pinpoint what your specific forecast is likely to be.  It is just a another switch inside the battery cover...not a GPS link to the weather station in the sky!  That feature can be user "calibrated".  For instance, we know for a fact that WE are located in a drier spot of our general geographical area.  We would have enjoyed the ability to change the way the station calculates OUR chances of rain...and this feature alone makes it tempting to keep the unit...but we don't have a convenient table we want to sit it on!  And it's $50...if it were $20, I would have kept it for the 3 stage, calibratable forecast feature alone.

We live in an off-grid area with generator power so we are not connected to the internet 24/7 for pinpoint weather forecasting on my iPad...a good weather station with good forecast ability would be really nice around here.  And this MIGHT have been the unit to do that...but our decision is that we want to walk by and glance at it and SEE it clearly...not have to pick it up and twist it around to find the right viewing angle!   

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