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Against the Law by Stryper (Cassette, Jul-1991, Hollywood)

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Strypers Last Stand

Oct 30, 2004
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Pros:Has enough good songs on it to warrant buying

Cons:"Rock The People", "Rock The Hell Out Of You" are total cheese...

The Bottom Line: As I stated there is enough good songs on this project to warrant buying, just get your fingers ready to hit the "Next" button when you hear the cheese.

Against the Law was pretty much the last release they put out and supported in concert. This was also the last band I saw in concert before I became a Christian (and my God as hard as it is to believe there are way more better Christian metal bands than this one!!!)

At this point Stryper was trying to get a tougher image and get away from the Yellow and Black Glammed Up Sissy image they had built up...unfortunately it came way too late. Stryper to me was always a good band to me, I never really got into them for the message they put out in their music but more for the upbeat sound.

This CD wasn't a bad project but pretty much every other song was one that you just wanted to skip over, however there are the great ballads that Stryper was infamous for during their career....It was a shame to see these guys go out like this....

Here are some songs of Note:

1. Against The Law - Title cut, very bland song a sign that showed that it was time to hang it up and take a break for awhile..this band has lost its edge.

2. Two Time Woman - Very catchy upbeat song about unfaithful women. This was one of my favorites on the CD and has great hooks.

3. Rock The People - Ugghh...skip over it cheesy...One thing I've noticed about listening to most of Strypers projects is they have alot of "filler" songs, this is one of them ...very bland.

4. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)-Stryper redeems themselves on this one, another great upbeat song with drive. This song pretty much is all about faithfulness and riding it out through the years.

5. Shining Star - This song is sure to get mixed reviews, myself I can't stand it, couldn't stand it in concert and wished they'd picked another song to do a cover of. No disrespect to the Commodores (I dig Lionel Ritchie and the gang) but this was not Strypers song.

6. Lady - Perhaps the best song on the CD and one awesome romantic tune, great song to play at a wedding. Stryper definately outdid themselves with this ballad!

7. All For One - Awesome song about unity! Great lead guitar and lots of drive! This is what I like to hear and was very refreshing. This song kinda has the same message as the song "One" by Creed.

The other songs I'm not going to waste my breathe mentioning as they are mediocre to say the least. It was great to see these guys in concert to support the tour for this release (Heavens Edge Opened for them...anybody remember them?..remember the song "Find Another Way"). For a band trying to get a bad boy image in rock they still were out throwing their bibles out between songs as usual...gotta love Stryper!

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