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Alive (DVD, 2002)

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The most inspiring and emotional movie depicting true events that I've ever seen

Jul 12, 2001
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Pros:A true story, very good drama, entertaining and emotionally driven from beginning to end.

Cons:Human suffering, death, and unsavory but necessary practices may be disturbing to some viewers.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a true story of survival in extreme circumstances, and values the power of friendship in these situations.

This movie is very inspiring and causes one to really appreciate the value of human life, and serves as proof of the power contained within the human spirit to protect that life, as well as the lives of others. It's the true story of a group of people thrown into a seemingly hopeless situation, pulling together and drawing on their strength and love for each another to survive.
This is not a graphic display of cannibalism as some other reviews would have you believe. These scenes are just graphic enough for the story to be told accurately.
It all starts when a small plane carrying a rugby team crashes in the Andes mountains. Some are killed when sucked out of the plane, and some from the impact. Fortunately, many survive. From there, It's an uphill struggle for survival. Many who survive the crash die later, mainly from injuries. Considering the conditions being extreme cold, hunger, injuries without proper medical attention, an avalanche, and the helpless feeling of being stranded and presumed dead, it's amazing how nothing seems to break the spirit of these people. It's difficult to picture yourself in such a situation, and makes you wonder to what extreme measures you would go, simply to survive.
The events seem to take one bad turn after another, making the situation seems more and more hopeless. The search party is unable to locate them, and the mission is aborted. People continue to die. Food runs out. They are hit by an avalanche. The turning point comes, when on the brink of starvation, someone suggests the unthinkable. At first, the thought of engaging in cannibalism is appalling. But the discussion takes a different turn as everyone realizes that the only alternative would be death. There is some very good drama in this scene, as the moral aspects of their decision are discussed. From that point forward, there seems to be a renewed spirit of hope among them. As serious as their situation is, some even manage to keep their sense of humor, which I myself believe is a very important tool of survival, even in everyday life. They decide to make verbal agreements, giving their blessings that it's ok for their bodies to be used for food if they die. Then one of them says jokingly, "You can eat me, but you've got to clean your plates!" It's scenes like these that are proof of the renewed sense of hope they are feeling.
Finally, when they regain their strength, a few men set out on an agonizing journey to find help, while the others wait helplessly behind.
The most emotional scene is at the end when the survivors waiting at the plane, not even knowing if the men are still alive, see the helicopters arriving. after feeling their pain and fear during the length of the movie, you can't help feeling their triumph at the end when they make it out "Alive."

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The true-life adventure of a Uruguayan team of rugby players who survive a plane crash in the desolate Andes Mountains in 1972. For 10 weeks they str...
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The true-life adventure of a Uruguayan team of rugby players who survive a plane crash in the desolate Andes Mountains in 1972. For 10 weeks they stru...
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