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American Wedding (DVD, 2009, P&S; With Movie Money)

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Oral Sex in Public and a Wild Bachelor Party - American Wedding

Jun 26, 2009
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Pros:Funny and entertaining overall.

Cons:Gross and crude at times.

The Bottom Line: American Wedding is a funny, entertaining movie, though it isn't for everyone.

American Pie and American Pie 2 were very successful movie, so it really isn't surprising that a third movie was made.  I just watched American Wedding again.

Jim and Michelle are having dinner at a fancy restaurant when his proposal plans start to go wrong.  Michelle decides they should indulge in some public oral sex which ends in embarrassment for Jim, though she does accept the proposal.  They have no intention of letting Stifler know about their plans or even inviting him to the wedding, but he manages to find out and he worms his way into things.  Kevin and Finch help with the planning while Stifler is just thinking about the bachelor party.  Michelle's sister Cadence arrives to help with the planning, and both Stifler and Finch are interested in her.  They proceed to compete for her attention while Jim tries to make a good impression on Michelle's parents.

American Wedding takes place after Jim and Michelle have graduated from college.  From something that is said, I think three years have passed since the events in American Pie 2.  The plot for this movie can stand alone, but certain things will make more sense if the movies are watched in order.  This is the last movie to feature the same group of main characters.  Jim's dad does turn up in the direct to video American Pie Presents movies.  I really wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future, a movie is made featuring Jim and Michelle's child.

There isn't anything complex about what is going on in American Wedding.  Jim and Michelle get engaged within the first few minutes.  The proposal isn't exactly normal, which fits for Jim and Michelle.  Most of the rest of the movie is focused on the planning of the wedding.  There really aren't any major surprises with what is going on, though there are a few minor things that happened that I didn't expect.  The movie is entertaining even though it is mostly predictable.  I did enjoy seeing how Jim and Michelle's relationship was progressing.

American Wedding has the same type of crude, sometimes gross humor that was used in the first two movies.  Most of the humor works, though in a few cases, the movie goes further with the downright gross things than I think the first movies did.  The really gross moments involve Stifler again.  Those things, especially one thing in particular, are not funny at all and are just nasty.  There is some silly type of humor used again as well which mostly works.  The humor in this movie isn't going to appeal to everyone.

There are some sexual situations and discussions throughout American Wedding.  Based on what was done in the first two movies, I fully expected that to happen.  Once again, one of the first scenes involves Jim in some sort of sexual situation that goes wrong while his father is near by.  Stifler is the only character that is really still obsessed with sex.  He takes great pleasure in planning a bachelor party that includes strippers.  Things get very wild during the party, and the women do get topless.  There was really it for nudity.  There is a short sex scene at one point that really doesn't show much, but it ends up being a bit disturbing.  Profanity is used throughout the movie, usually by Stifler.  He loves to use the word that rhymes with luck and many variations of that word.  He does come up with some interesting combinations.  The theatrical version of the movie is rated R and there is also an unrated version that was released on DVD.  This is not a movie for children of any age to see.

Jim and Michelle both seem to be a bit more mature.  She is still willing to do some wild things sexually, which is how the whole situation during the opening sequence happens.  Jim decides to shave a very private area, which ends up causing a huge problem and even some embarrassment for him.  I do like Jim and Michelle and I like Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan in the parts.  

Jim's mom and dad are back in a few scenes again, with his dad having the most to do.  Michelle's parents do turn up in a couple of scenes.  It seems like they are mostly horrified by the things going wrong that they wonder into.  Michelle's younger sister Cadence is around for some of the movie to help with the wedding planning.  She seems to be interested in both Stifler and Finch, and the two of them spend a lot of time competing over her.  January Jones is fine in the part.  

Kevin and Finch are trying to do what they can to help plan the wedding and also try to keep Stifler under control.  Kevin has much less to do in this one, which worked for me since he really irritated me before.  He does seem to be more stable and mature than he'd been in the previous movies.  Stifler is still a wild guy that seems to only think about sex.  He can be a huge jerk and he seems to think that everyone likes him.  He does actually go through some changes and matures a bit, which is nice.  He can be annoying at times, but the character works for the most part.  Stifler's mom makes another short appearance that was entertaining.  Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Seann William Scott are fine in their parts.

A few characters that were in the first two movies are missing completely for this one.  Oz, who I had thought was a closer friend to Jim in the previous movie, isn't around and there is no explanation for why he isn't there.  Heather, Vicky, Jessica, Nadia, and Sherman are also missing.  I didn't miss any of them, especially Vicky.

Main Cast

Jason Biggs - Jim
Jennifer Coolidge - Stifler's Mom
Alyson Hannigan - Michelle
January Jones - Cadence
Eugene Levy - Jim's Dad
Thomas Ian Nicholas - Kevin
Seann William Scott - Stifler
Eddie Kay Thomas - Finch

Jesse Dylan - Director

DVD Information

American Wedding is available on a rated and unrated DVD.  I have the unrated version.  The DVD does have the theatrical version of the movie as well.  There are some outtakes that were funny and some deleted scenes that wouldn't have added much to the movie.  Enter the Dominatrix: Inside the Bachelor Party is a short featurette just on the filming of the bachelor party.  Some of the cast and crew talk about the scene, including talking about filming extra footage just for the unrated DVD.  A second short featurette, Grooming the Groom, is focused on Jim's shaving and how the scene was set up.  There is something called Stifler Speak that shares some of Stifler's unique sayings.  

American Wedding is another entertaining movie in the series that started with American Pie.  It does get a bit gross and crude at times, but it is funny and entertaining overall.  It won't appeal to everyone, but people who enjoyed the first two movies will probably find something to like about it.

American Pie ~ American Pie 2 ~ American Wedding ~

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