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Jan 23, 2012
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Pros:Durable, don't know about water and/or mud.
cool, and cheaper than iPhone4

Cons:screen can break, though not very easily, which is good.
can lose connection in places.

The Bottom Line: You should get this phone if you need to be on the web with your business or family 24/7. It's great for everyone from 13-100 :)

The iPhone 3 may not be as fancy as the newest product from apple but it's very handy and also durable! I can go on internet nearly anywhere with it and only sometimes do I lose connection. It's durable, though I have yet to drop it in water and mud, and I can play games all the time. Which is also good if you have kids because it can keep them entertained (and most apps are educational). You can buy reading, mathematical, science, and any other school/education related app. My favorites are the drawing apps because (you or your kids [:) can just doodle! It's a good time waster or spender. There are also many helpful apps, like anatomy apps to cooking calculator apps. I use these everyday, more than you would expect. This phone is so handy for everybody in my family. It has a calendar to help keep track of sports and my plans. An alarm clock, which I use every morning! And even the weather for the day, which is very helpful before I head out. All in all, thiis phone is a fantastic buy and deal. You'll use it everyday, I promise! the charger is not very big and not a hassle to carry around at all and the phone its self is not too big or too small either! It's an almost perfect phone! :)

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