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Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

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A little disappointed, but can't live without the I-phone Black 4, 8GB

Jun 10, 2012
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Pros:Cheap , AT&T, camera, clear calls, great Internet connection almost everywhere

Cons:Battery life, screen cracks easily, insurance, warranty, big bulky box protector, expensive accessories for phone

The Bottom Line: Would definitely recommend this phone, but to also remember the screen can crack easily and battery life may only last a year or year and half.

The iphone 4, 8gb and i-phone 4, 16 gb are the phone models before the newest model the iphone 4s came out recently, the only difference is with the 4s there is talk youcan go to websites via verbally; however an AT&T representative told me the main differenice is memory and price. The iPhone 4 which is what i own has had a downfall in price $199 to $99 brand new from the time the iphone 4s came out.

Here are some great features of the iPhone 4, 8gb:
Text messages are fast, easy, able to load pictures and videos fast for sending, are categorized by recent to least recent dates. Names of friends and family are categorized in their own box (can click on and scroll down and it will tell dates and times of messages) and letters are easier to view and bigger, which makes it easier to read for individuals with eye problems such as myself. (a little humor in there!)

The calendar gives you options to list an event, save it into your phone, and a monthly calendar which gives you the option to view dates and what days they fall on. I find this very helpful in guidance when I'm traveling.
The camera gives you the option to take pictures that are beautiful and clear, like a professional camera and also gives you the option to video record up to 5 minutes or more. You can use a micro sd card to take pictures from your phone, print them from a computer or photo machine in the store or for back up memory. You can also use bluetooth to print your photos from the photo machines with borders to suit the picture (birthdays, beach backgrounds, etc).

The YouTube icon gives you the option to search for videos related to  your type of music (country, rap, hip hop, etc) or local news going on at the time.
The map icon gives you a visual of how to get to a location as simple as typing in an address of your destination.  It also gives you the option to search for an address if you are unsure.

The weather icon is very handy and automatically picks up your location of where you are and gives the weather forecast for six days, with how cold and hot it will be and whether it will rain that day, the highs and lows, hourly as well as other worldwide locations weather forecast.
There is a notepad icon which I am finding handy right now writing my review on, saving for later, which anything typed in the notepad has dates, can be copied and pasted and I tend to find this very helpful in making grocery lists and to-do lists, as I tend to be very forgetful and disorganized with my ADHD. 

The clock icon has the option to view worldwide times, a stopwatch and my personal favorite, an alarm clock (I use this for when I have to get up for appointments with my children). It gives you the option to what kind of music to be woke to and my personal favorite... The snooze button that appears on my phone when the alarm goes off. Uuugh. You feel me?!?! I have to not be the only one that doesn't get much sleep from kids, a snoring husband, or one that stinks you out of bed in the middle of the night. (trying to be funny, you get the drift).  Next feature...
The game center icon, I'm not much into playing the games, but there is chess, I believe poker and a few others. 

iTunes on the iPhone 4 gives you the option to load songs from your computer into your iPhone on your music playlist; therefore you can play at anytime day or night. You can also purchase iTunes gift cards at most department stores as well as pharmacies if you do not feel comfortable inputting your credit or banking information to purchase a song from your interest. 

Settings, normally my favorite in this option is taking a picture from my iPhone and setting it as my wallpaper (currently have a beautiful hot air balloon, spinning ride with my girls from the fair) with a gorgeous view of the clouds in the background as my wallpaper). It also gives you the option for airplane mode, wifi to connect or disconnect, adjust sounds (which I think sounds are awesome and don't need adjusting unless you thought the settings were too loud this can easily be adjusted using the volume button), a general option which gives you the option to create a pass code lock which I found very handy when traveling; therefore if my phone was left charging when traveling on greyhound and I had to take my eyes off my phone for one minute on my kids then I'd be reassured a thief would realize my phone is no use to them without knowing my 4 digit pass code to even use the phone. It helped me feel secure having this. You can't dial a call without entering that pass code neither or read texts - so no more snooping from siblings or family! (:

The phone option is pretty simple; phone calls are loud and clear, gives you options to save favorites, the contact list is alphabetically organized (and gives you the option to search a name without having to sort thru a big list of names)! It also gives you the option to do face time with a phone call which is basically like a video camera session if the next person has this on their cell phone. (I'm not too familiar with this option), but I've heard it's a trend with the teens nowadays). 

The safari is the Internet of course and it is one of my absolutely favorite icons I click on daily! The Internet has only lost signal 10-5% of the time, it's very rare, fast Internet connection with surprisingly living in the boonies of Kentucky the last 7 months, I have always had Internet connection on the hills. (I do use AT&T service maybe that's why). I've heard Verizon drops calls in the middle of nowhere and won't connect and there's a lot of competition currently with the iPhone and the Verizon droid. 

I prefer the iPhone 4 over any phone; however here are my downfalls from the iPhone: 

Insurance is only covered for a one-year warranty and does not cover cracks or wetness. I had my prior iPhone 4 for a year and half and it fell out of my pocket on the rocks at night time and cracked. Yes cracked! I was so frustrated, I called apple and they were not able to help me get a replacement for warranty. The phone still worked; however it worked for 6 more months after and the battery went out - so that means a total of a year and half the battery went out and after talking to many other apple customers I realized I wasn't the only one that had experienced the iPhone screen cracking easily and the battery going out soon after a year or after. The apple store does create boxes which surround the phone to protect the screen if dropped (quite expensive $50) for the apple iPhone which I have on my second iPhone I'm using now, but it's big and bulky and hard to fit in tight jean pockets for females and can be a bit frustrating! Well guys, you must be the lucky  ones! :)

Please tell me what you think of my review, this is my first review on epinions and I hope you like it. I am a very detailed person and I hope being detailed doesn't bore anyone or put anyone to sleep. :)

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Recommended for: World Travelers - Works Anywhere and Everywhere!

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