Apple iPhone 4s - 64GB - White (AT&T) Smartphone Reviews
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Apple iPhone 4s - 64GB - White (AT&T) Smartphone

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Apple iPhone 4S White (64 GB) Smartphone review

Dec 13, 2011
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  • User Rating: Excellent

  • Durability:
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Pros:Lots of Space
Tons of Apps
Looks amazingly good
Apple Customer Support
Easy Controll
Fast Texting
Touch Screen

Cons:Expensive Long term contact.
Breaks easyily
No flash support
Battery Life Sucks with certain apps.

The Bottom Line: Very good product overall I would use it whenever I could, its very light and I can play games and it dosen't take long to download.

Why did I buy this product? I bought this product because I thought it was gonna be a really good way to use the internet whilie im on the go or driving somewhere or I was just really bored at the park. I would be able to play games and everything like that I wanted.

What do I love about this product? What I loved a lot about this product is it can be a phone and a ipod at the same time, you cant find a lot of products like that, but most importantly is that it has a lot of space that you can put your music in. 
What I hate the most about the apple Iphone is that everything on it is based around getting money for apple, nothing is cheap and its all really expensive the phone its self is around $400 for 64gb and you cant get away from it theres also a $30 data charge every month for it. So after a year your already paying another $400 so its $800 for a phone already.

The apple iphone 4s white (64 GB) smartphone is a really good phone overall but like everything it has some flows, it can get cracks easily in the screen if u drop it. You can still use if you break it but its gonna be harder to use. 

Would u reccomend this product to others? Yeah I would reccomend it for others I would even buy it for someone I knew if I had to right amount of money. I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 400
Recommended for: Stylish Trendsetters - Hip and Trendy

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