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Apple MC184LL/B Wireless Keyboard

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Apple Wireless Keyboard - A Convenient Accessory For Your iPad

Apr 2, 2012
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Pros:Easy to use, functional, compact, easy to pair, power saving feature, comfortable to use.


The Bottom Line: The Apple Wireless Keyboard is made of sturdy aluminum.  The comfortable, compact design and power saving features make this a must-have.  Excellent price point.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard can be used with the Mac, iMac and iPad. The device retails at the Apple store for $69, although it comes free with the purchase of a new iMac. Keyboards are fairly cheap, but wireless keyboards of quality are pretty much in this same price range. I did find the Apple Wireless Keyboard on the internet cheaper than the Apple Store. The keyboard can be purchased at significant savings from B&H Photo for under fifty dollars with shipping. I purchased mine from the Apple Store for full price.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard operates on two AA batteries, which are included. The old model used three AA batteries. The keyboard powers down when it is not in use, to further save your battery life. The keyboard is simple to operate, with a power button built into the side of the keyboard. The keyboard is slightly smaller than standard keyboards with a sleek design that automatically elevates the keyboard at a gentle, comfortable angle.

Because the Apple Wireless Keyboard doesn't require any cables, it makes the device easier to use and convenient to transport. If you are using this keyboard with a device like an iPad, the size and lack of wires make it easy to carry around with you. I will probably bring this keyboard when I travel, although I would not likely tote it around for daily use.

I purchased the Apple Wireless Keyboard for use with my Apple iPad 3. The bluetooth enabled keyboard was very simple to pair with my iPad. You need to make sure the settings on your iPad are enabled for pairing and simply allow the devices to communicate. They automatically pair when they are returned to close proximity.

If you are typing with the keyboard and want to switch to using the virtual keyboard built into the iPad, you have to disconnect the bluetooth pairing. There may be a shortcut to avoid this, but I haven't figured it out. This feature would be the only frustrating aspect of using the wireless keyboard. However, other than typing, you can still use the touch screen features on the iPad in conjunction with this keyboard. Functionally, the keys feel properly spaced and responsive. While this device is smaller than a standard keyboard, it doesn't feel small when you are typing on it.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is a compact, sturdy keyboard constructed of aluminum. This construction makes it far more durable than the plastic wireless keyboards in the same price range. All things considered, this price point seems very affordable considering the normal mark up on most Apple products.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is compatible with Apple products that are bluetooth enabled. It requires Mac OSX version 10.6.8 or later. The keyboard contains some function keys for the Mac that are useless with the iPad, but the keyboard can be paired with both devices if you own them.

I was actually surprised by the price point for the Apple Wireless Keyboard. With the cost of everything from chargers to docking stations, this is one accessory that actually seems modestly priced. The combination of durable aluminum construction, battery saving power function, easy bluetooth pairing and comfort make this keyboard an excellent bargain for fifty to seventy dollars. Switching between the keyboard and screen is not that difficult, if you go to settings and turn the bluetooth off. But I am certain there is an easier way I just haven't figured out yet. Apple tends to build things to be simple, if not intuitive. Five stars.

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