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Audio-Technica ATH-A700 Headband Headphones - Black

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An Amazing Headphone with an Awesome Sound Quality

Jun 9, 2011 (Updated Jun 10, 2011)
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Pros:Comfortable, affordable and enjoyable! A must-buy headphone!

Cons:It is huge and it is not suitable for travelling!

The Bottom Line: Audio-Technica ATH-A700 Headphone is a high quality that is comfortable, affordable and enjoyable headpone that will make you smile.

Why did I buy this headphone?

Before I bought Audio-Technica ATH-A700, I bought a BOSE Quiet Comfort 15 from Best Buy for $299! Some of you are probably wondering by now why I would spend so much money on a headphone. To me using a comfortable headphone with a great sound quality is very important, especially when I am going to use it for hours, days, months and years! I am going to compare the Audio-Technica ATH-A700 headphone with Bose QS15.

Anyway, did I like the Bose QC15? I loved it! I think, the Bose QC15 is the most comfortable headphone in the world and it does have an excellent noise cancelling feature.  It folds and the size is perfect for travelling! It comes with a very nice case.

The reason why I returned the Bose QC15 was because the headphone was using too much battery power! The Bose QC15 headphone could not be used once the battery power is gone! If you don't have fresh batteries around, you are out of luck! The Bose QC15 makes a HORRIBLE clicking noise right before the battery goes dead which will drive you insane! I used it for a week and it drove me crazy, so I took the Bose QC15 back to Best Buy and got my money back.

So the quest of searching for the perfect headphone began and I searched over the Internet for a high quality headphone with a reasonable price. I saw Audio-Technica review on and it has 5 stars reviews in almost every Web site I visited. According to the reviews, everybody who ever bought the Audio-Technica headphone is pretty happy. Most people agree that the size is too big!

The price wasn't cheap, the price was $299 but it was on sale on for only $123.42! Well I decided to buy it!

What do I like about the Audio-Technica ATH-A700?

1. It is EXTREMELY comfortable!

The first thing that I noticed when I wear it was the quality of the leather on the ear pieces. The headphone is EXTREMELY comfortable! I can wear this headphone for hours when I watched TV and Movies on Netflix without having ear pain or neck pain. I love the self-adjusting 3D wing support housing, it provides very comfortable support when I use the phone. The leather ear cushion is so nice,plush and soft! It feels like riding in a Cadillac seats. It is a lot better than the one that they use on the Bose QC515. The leather quality really makes my ears happy when I wear it.

2. The headphone is quite durable.

I dropped it several times and accidentally stepped on the frame connector and it didn't break but I don't advice you to step on a $299 headphone! If you abuse it, you will eventually lose it! I bought it in January 2001 and today it is still working great!

3. It doesn't use batteries!

Did I say that it doesn't need batteries? Yes, I did and it makes me excited when I found out that this amazing headphone doesn't need to use batteries! Unlike the Bose QC15, this headphone doesn't have the clicking noise problem or out of battery problem. It will work 24/7 without stopping and I love it!

4. The cable is long!

My placed my sofa 5 to 6 feet away from my 42" Panasonic Plasma TV and the Audio-Technica ATH-A700 comes with 9.8 feet of cable and gold plated 3.5mm connector which is perfect!

5. It produces deep and rich bass sound.

When I listen to music and watch movies. The bass sound that comes from this headphone is superb! The maximum input power is 500 mW and it does have a closed-back double air damping system that helps to produce a deep bass sound.

6. It produces very detail sounds when I watch movies and when I play Playstation 3 games.

This headphone is amazing when it comes to producing details noises, like phone ringinng, foot steps, typing machine noise and ambiance noises. It makes the movies and games come alive! This headphone comes with a propriety large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils that can help to produce superior sound reproduction.

7. It blocks noises!

This part is very tricky! This is not a noise cancelling headphone but it pretty much blocks other noises when I use it because the ear pieces are designed to wrap around the ear area pretty well. My wife was annoyed with me because I couldn't hear her speaking to me when I watched movies.

8. It is pretty light for its size!

I love the headphone because the weight is pretty light. It doesn't give me a neck pain after I use it for a long time.

9. The price was amazing!

This thing was $299 when it first came out and it was on sale for $123.42! I think, this headphone is worth more than $123.42 because the overall quality of the headphone is superb!

What I did not like about this headphone.

The size is HUGE and I am not exaggerating. It is monstrous! I was shocked when it arrived in the mail. The box was pretty huge for a headphone.  The size of the Audio-Technica headphone dwarfs the Bose QC15!

You can’t use this headphone for travelling! That’s the good thing about the Bose QC15, it is perfect for travelling because the size is small, it folds and it comes with a very nice carrying case.

Unlike Audio-Technica ATH-A700, you can’t travel with Audio-Technica ATH-A700 because it is too big for travelling and there is no carrying case for it.

Audio-Technica ATH-A700 is only for home entertainment system or probably office use only!

Will I recommend this headphone to my friends and relatives?

I will recommend this headphone my friends and relative because this is a super high quality headphone that produces an amazing sound quality!  It is also SUPER comfortable and the price is right!

The Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 is an amazing headphone with an awesome sound quality for the price! You can't go wrong with this amazing headphone!

I will not recommend this headphone if you want to use it for travelling because it is huge!


Audio-Technica  ATH-A700  VS Bose QC15

- Size (Bose QC15 Wins!)
- Portable and easy for travelling (Bose QC15 Wins!)
- Battery life (Since Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 doesn't use battery, Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 wins!)
- Noise cancelling (Bose QC15 Wins!)
- Comfort level (Both Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 and Bose QC15 Wins!)
- Price (Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 wins!)
- Quality and durability (Both Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 and Bose QC15 Wins!)
- Quality of Sound (Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 wins!)
- Bass Quality (Audio-Technica  ATH-A700 wins!)

Anyway, I hope this review is helpful in making your buying decision.

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