Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headband Headphones - Black Reviews
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Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headband Headphones - Black

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Aug 13, 2012
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Pros:Comfortable all day long. Don't need a headphone amp 40 ohms impedance.

Cons:A removable cord or a coil cord as an option would have been nice.

The Bottom Line: These are great high performance hifi headphones. If you're a DJ or need a heavy duty road version with similar performace look at the ATH-50

Use these constantly at work to listen to music of all types. Over 80 hours so far. My previous headphones where the Sony MDR-V700 DJ headphones. The Sony's were nice. However, these 900's are in a different class they are able to produce a clear midrange with excellent acoustical characteristics including a natural vocal clarity. The bass is deep and natural and not overstated as with other headphones. The Sony MDR-V700 DJ had similar performance characteristics however the natural sound and a little deeper yet more natural bass response are the respectable differences in sound quality. I tried the ATH-A900 both with and without a headphone amplifier. I used a usb FiiO 10 and found that there was no real clarity difference between it(amp) and my high quality PC sound card. There was a lot of headroom with the amp hooked up, but man I couldn't see turning up the volume high enough to justify it. Basically these headphones have good efficiency (40 ohm impedance) and don't need a headphone amp.

As far as functionality the two headphones are different designs completely. The Sony MDR-V700 is a DJ style headphone with a coiled cord (I actually prefer it over a strait cord) and the ability to fold them up/flip them as needed for transport and on hear DJ performance needs. So as far as the design I actually liked the functionality of the Sony MDR-V700. That's the only compromise. The ATH-900 are very comfortable, and light. I wear them all day long I should know. I would suggest using a stand to keep these in good condition. I just took an old blank CD holder with an attached Spindle, put some Velcro on the bottom and stuck them to the side of my tower. So far this solution works great as a headphone rack. If you need it to hold two pairs I have seen these CD Spindles in a longer version which should also work.

Also if you want the headphones to have a tad bit more bass you can put a single hair tie or rubber band around each of the top pads. This pulls the top of the headphones in a little tighter and increases the bass. It is a subtle difference but I actually think it is more comfortable to wear them with this mod in place. You can find some picks about this mod if you search online. For those in need more of a DJ set up you may want to try the ATH 50 they have a solid representation as well.

Conclusions:You'll have to spend four times this much to get a better sounding pair. It would have been nice top have a removalble cord.

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