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Dec 20, 2003
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When I first bought the Audio-Technica ATH D40fs, the first thing I noticed was the great, high quality sound they produced. The clarity and bass tones these headphones produce are incredable with all types of music...from hip-hop and rock, to bluegrass. You hear every note, and even when you turn them up really loud, the clarity is just as good as when the vloume is lower!

If you use these headphones for dj'ing like me, you need to block out the sounds of people in the backround so you can hear the music on the headphones. The ATH D40fs' s have it covered. The ear cups on both ears block out almost all backround noise, to where you can only hear your music playing through the headphones. Another great feature is the dual swiveling ear cups, which will allow you to monitor one ear at a time.

Overall, I'm glad I paid $80 for these headphones. It may seem expensive to some, but if you want the great sound quality and functionability these headphones offer, that's what you have to pay. I think these are one of the best headphones for sale today.

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