Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Headband Headphones - Black Reviews

Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Headband Headphones - Black

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ATH-D40fs - Audio-Technica does it again!

Jul 14, 2006 (Updated Jul 14, 2006)
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Pros:Outstanding in sound, quality, and price!

Cons:A little on the heavy side.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend the purchase of these headphones for radio broadcast, home music studios, professional studios, and home use as well!


In many ways, the strength of a system, such as my music production studio, is no stronger than it’s weakest link. It is no different with music equipment. If you cannot hear your work, than you’ll never know if, indeed, the music has any problems. So, owning a pair of rock-solid headphones is a must. On the other hand, some might say that my talent is the weakest link of my studio. Anyways, buying a pair of headphones can be cantankerous, but when you finally get a pair that blows you away - listening and production bliss will ensue.

It is important to know that buying products online can be fairly stressful. However, you can save a lot of money if you’re willing to search and compare. You can easily drop 10% or more off the normal prices you see. You must inform yourself as much as possible about the product, and try to get some feedback from people who already own that product. is a good website to go to, however, sometimes there are little, or no, reviews on some products. A lot times, the people who sell the product will have several reviews right on their website of the equipment that needs to be evaluated. One of the biggest factors, for me, is, does the manufacturer have good reputation for designing and building high quality products? My personal experience, if other products were good that were made by that manufacturer, then this also helped with my decision making process.

When you put it all together, and finally decide to buy a product, there is still a meager amount of uncertainty about the quality of the product in question. After about a week of debate on which pair of headphones to buy, I decided, by reputation and personal experience with other products Audio-Technica builds, to purchase the ATH-D40fs headphones. I honestly believed that the sound quality would be good, but when I plug them into my YAMAHA EX-5 synthesizer for the first time, I was simply...


These precision headphones look a little bulky, but don’t let that fool you, they are a strong component to my over all project studio. They are black in color, well put together, and designed to last. The ironclad construction of these headphones were immediately observable. I wrapped that damn wire, by the laws of physics, around my chair leg, my ankle, and various other body parts, so many times its not even funny. So, at least the wire can take a beating. I was pleasantly surprised that they haven’t shorted out from the unintended abuse I have put them through. However, if the wire fails, it is replaceable. That is great news when you're putting out $80 for these puppies.

Each earpiece can swivel well over 180 degrees. If you happen to be short handed in output jacks, or headsets, you can swivel these babies so other people can hear. These headphones are very comfortable because of the ear pads and the soft over-the-head padded wrap. They are kind of heavy, but for professional use, that is to be expected. After putting these headphones through the ringer, unintentionally that is, they were most definitely built to take abuse. If you want to understand how well they perform acoustically, all one has to do is simply listen.

I’m very picky about sound. I have a rack full of microphones to prove that. However, to hear the quality of those mics, one must be able to hear them first. These headphones are simple out-of-this-world. For only 80 bucks you too can own a pair. These are, without a doubt, the very best headphones I have ever listen to, or owned!


The dominant use is for my music production, and pod casting. Another one of my major uses is to listen to people in chat rooms. Finally, I listen to CDs an DVDs off my high-fi stereo system. These headphones makes the well produced music sound impressive. More than likely, when I am ready to put together ATHEIST FM, these headphones will be used exclusively. Reverend Viper and I, do have plans to create a radio station for Atheists around the world, and Audio-Technica products will be a big part of it.

I would not use the ear peaces as individual hockey pucks, nor would I use these badboys under water. I would not beat someone over the head with them because you might damage them permanently, or go to jail.


These headphone were built to last. They were also made to replace key parts if something does fail. They simply sound great. After listen to these headphones for the first time, I was shocked how clear the sound was. These are the only headphones you need to buy. I promise. You buy a pair of these, you will not go wrong.

WARNING: Listening to music through these headphones could cause one to never take them off.

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