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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Headband Headphones - Black

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Good Noise Canceling , Great Acoustics

Jun 16, 2008 (Updated May 4, 2011)
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Pros:Good noise cancel, great sound, great price

Cons:none i can think of

The Bottom Line: Great noise cancel great price! Can't go wrong with these NC headphones from Audio Technica!

This is the 2nd pair of noise-cancelling headphones. I have also have a pair of JVC Noise cancels prior to this one. They were cheap... about 40 bucks and had good sound but some weird clicking took over on the left side so i decided to get a better pair. OK for the price but the clicking was annoying.

i decided i needed an upgrade... the most famous of the noise canceling w/o a doubt are the Bose noise cancels. those can set you back between $300 -$350. I needed an alternative - there are alot to choose from.. Sonys, Sennheisers, etc etc... the audio computer hardware company that makes the SoundBlaster sound cards and Zen MP3 players also had their versions of noise cancels. Their lastest version of the noise cancels also enhances the music through their propriety X-Fi technology. But those noise cancelling headphones also cost $300 dollars. i wanted to get those just to see what the X-Fi would but alas i could not justify the price tag.

I also considered the Sony NC-60s... the price of the Sony NC60 was comparable to the Audio Technica.

I had never tried the Bose or the Creative X-fi.

I went to J and R music world because i wanted to listen to it prior to purchasing. I was impressed with its sound very much so... although i would not call myself an audiophile listening to mp3 at a compression rate of 128kbps - i liked it so much i didn't bother listening to the Sony NC-60- i bought the ATs right away - which was based on my listening AND reviews I had read on

When i got them home i listen to both pop music and classical music. It had good highs, mids, and i thought also had good bass. The major complaint from these headphones were that they didn't reproduce bass well. I didn't find that. I thought it was fine - i do not listen to heavy bass dance music so the bass was just fine. I will, at some point, put in the 1812 Overture which has real live cannons shot for the piece and see if they can reproduce them without the muddiness.. but i am not sure i want to potentially damage the headphones. For my musical taste they reproduced sounds very well.

The ATs headphones can be used with the Noise cancel off or on although the music is louder and more color than if it was turned off - the music sounded lower and quite flat. But at least the ATs can be used with or without batteries also it uses a single AAA so batteries can be bought anywhere. The Bose i have read are only powered by it's own internal rechargeable battery and you cannot use the phones without turning on the noise cancel.

The noise cancels doesnt cancel ALL NOISE - it cancels out low frequency noise and most engine noise on a plane - i used them on a recent trip to Greece. There is a noticeable HISS with these phone without music but it was not annoying. With the music i do not notice the hiss - on quiet passage you might though.

The headphones come with 5 foot detachable wire - you can detach from the headphone. it comes with a hardcase and big plug adapter for your home stereo and travel adapter for the 2 prong plane. the phones can be turned to fit "flat" into the case.

The phones fit well over my ear and wasn't as big as i thought they would be. The are comparable in size as to the older Bose - Quiet Comfort 2 .. it is bigger than the QC3 which, i believe, fit over the ear it doesn't envelope the ear as the ATs were able to do with my ear. I am not sure if it was a completely enveloped.

i bought these for 139 but amazon has it for 127 or 117 i have seen.

I am glad i picked these up.. they are cheaper than bose and give more bang for your buck!

i dont' think you can go wrong with these

update 12/28/09 - i just tried a pair of these at best buy - it was a demo pair - forget about it.. the AT QuietPoints are comparable on the noise cancel and, IMHO, acoustically better than the Bose - however, that being said - the bose demos maybe have been beaten up at the store... still though... $300 (or more) vs. 100+ - no comparison.. ATs everytime.

update 5/4/11 - A friend of my dad's visited and he had the Bose QC15 (retails for $300) and I compared them against my ATs.  I was surprised by the pretty good sound of the Bose QC15 since hearing the Bose from 12/2009 - the Bose had a little bit more punch to the bass - the ATs sounded more "natural" - I didn't try them in a noisy setting but I also noticed that with the noise cancel on the Bose put pressure on my ear drums like they were being pushed inward.  the other thing i noticed while listening to Katy Perry's California Girls on my iPhone was the ATs were louder then the Bose and I had to increase the volume on the Bose to compensate for the decrease in decibels.  The bad thing about the Bose is once your battery dies so does the QCs.  The ATs continue to work but the sounds is flat and muted.  Once again... I would choose the ATs rather than the Bose for the money.

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