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It's a Man Baby! (Austin Powers)

Apr 9, 2006
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Pros:Very funny and touching. The best part is the bubble bath with "Alotta Fagina".

Cons:Some parts get emotional.

The Bottom Line: Overall, a great spoof of James Bond and how he changes to fit different eras (and so does his evil enemy).

I've watched this movie a million times, and it gets more and more fun each time, so now it's time for me to start reviewing, heh heh...

From the beginning the movie is very, very entertaining. Mike Myers' best film ever begins in 1960's London, where the blue-suited Austin Powers dances enthusiastically with what I would call a pageant of screaming and lovesick go-go girls, dressed in go-go boots, schoolgirl uniforms, checker-patterned dresses, and a London bobbie that dances with Austin to the 1960's tune.

Dr Evil has put himself in cold storage, thus Austin Powers follows suit, and 30 years later, this sets the stage for the most hilarious comical spoofs of the game. As the scientists walk along the bodies in cold storage, we see glimpses of Vanilla Ice and Gary Coleman frozen in suspension. We get to Austin Powers, and the first thing he does right upon waking up from cold storage. I can't tell you what he does, although the computer voice in the background will tell you all.

The film was made in 1997, and so Austin wakes up from cold storage in 1997, only to find that the world has clearly changed over a 30-year period. Austin doesn't recognize Basil's mother, (he had previously punched out a man disguised as a woman).

Austin's comic acts are more of a sexual nature. In the 1960's it was almost natural for people to behave like freeloading hippies, inviting one different girl after another into a guy's bed, then shagging them. He's a product of the 1960's after all.

One thing that hasn't changed about Mr Powers is his mojo and his penchant for shagging, which he developed into an art form in the 1960's. Which brings in Alotta Fagina (Fabiana Udenio) a secret agent of Dr Evil who I mistook for Salma Hayek at one point. If you wanna see how Austin reacts to her presence, then you can't miss that part with Ms. Fagina inviting Austin over to the bubble bath in her jacuzzi...

That's enough to disrupt his relationship with Vanessa Kensington, played by Liz Hurley. From what I remember, Liz Hurley is pretty, and a pretty good actress, but in this movie she was all serious and didn't make me laugh once. I guess she wants to do more drama and less comic stuff, and it shows in her facial expressions.

More successful is Mike Myers as Austin. He spoofs the various spy and action movies very nicely, with his bad teeth, his swagger, and super-fake English accent. "Do I make you randy?" that says it right there about how he displays himself... Yeah baby! He's equally shagadelic with Dr Evil. The baldy guy is quite good in his antics, especially his attempts to silence Scott Evil... repeatedly. I'm not saying how.

Also funny is how Dr Evil threatens to blow up the earth, mainly by drilling a hydrogen bomb into the earth's core. The ransom demand is too belly-aching to describe here, except I'll say that it's low enough to elicit laughs than looks of horror from the UN Security Council. The announcer, by the way, has a sharp Russian accent and a familiar face (is that Brad Pitt?)

Although Austin is a fun comedy, there are serious sides to it as well. He quickly finds that sexual mores have changed considerably (monogamy is coming into vogue again), and so has everything else. He also learns from Vanessa Kensington II that the Berlin Wall has fallen, the Soviet Union is dead and gone, the Internet has come into vogue, and Austin has trouble handling sleek new CD's, which can't be played on a traditional phonograph.

So is Dr Evil, it turns out. Dr Evil has also found the world changed considerably when he emerged from his sleep. He finds Scott Evil, his new son, developed into a rock star and guitar player. He's a product of the much more modern 90's, and even now Dr Evil can't fully get over the fact that he can't fully adapt to the new 90's either. And yes, once Austin and Ms Kensington are captured, Dr Evil and Scott Evil squabble over how to properly dispose of them, which leads to lots of other hilarious antics that I can't describe here.

Dr Evil's basic plan: I'm going to place them in an easily escapable situation involving an overly exotic death."

Scott Evil's basic plan: "Just make them kneel and whip out a pistol, put it to their heads, and bang, they're dead."

Oh, and did I forget to mention those fembots? You know, the beehive-wearing androids with furry bras and boots, who seduce Dr Evil's goons into stopping short of shooting them, then pull guns out from their boobies and give them lead. The way Austin outwits the Fembots is probably the best part of the film, but if you wanna see what it is, then rent it on DVD or Video. Good luck baby yeah!

Mike Myers- Austin Powers/Dr. Evil
Elizabeth Hurley- Vanessa Kensington
Robert Wagner- Number 2
Seth Green- Scott Evil
Michael York- Basil Exposition
Mindy Sterling- Frau Barbassina
Fabiana Urenio- Alotta Fagina

Directed by Jay Roach

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AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY is the first in the comic series starring this bodacious 1960s spy played by the hilarious Mike Myers. Dec...
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