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1987 944

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0

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1987 Porsche 944

by tovrin:      Dec 20, 2011

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: 33+mpg, excellent handling, detachable sunroof, beautiful ergonomic interior
Cons: 25+ yrs old, plastic and rubber parts are deteriorated, consistent $$ project car
The Bottom Line: This is a car to own if you are a car fan, or want to be. With the power of Google, you can fix anything you need, be prepared to.

The sleek styling of the Porsche 924 series with the added Carrera style flare on the rear makes this one of the sexiest Porsches Ive ever seen. The unique and not so subtle Hatch fin attached to the spacious rear window completes one of the most streamlined cars I have the privilege of owning. mine is Nautical Blue, the dark metallic blue, Ive not seen another original painted 944 this color. (paint code LY5Z) The nose has received a lot of rock chipping, but other then that the body has held up remarkably well.

I drove this car to Tampa (from Orlando) and back for an Iron Maiden concert and checked my mileage after refilling my less then half empty 18 gallon tank and realized that she got 33.3 mpg on an all highway trip (200m/6g)

I've spent half as much as Ive paid for this car fixing it in the 3 yrs I've owned it. My first adventure was the rubber sway bar mounts, where the power steering pump had leaked and caused the rubber mount to swell and disintegrate, then the alternator, both jobs I did myself and using pelicanparts with minimal cost compared to previous cars I have owned.

Then the transaxle went out, a fairly common problem with the vehicle as the design of having the transmission and axle in the rear puts all the torque output in one piece of 25 yr old failure. for a meager $300 and the help of a good friend, we replaced this in about 8 hours.

more recently, my clutch has finally wore out. the original clutch apparently has a rubber center piece that when it falls apart, as mine did, leaves the car limping on a couple of pieces of metal holding the clutch together. I am in the process of getting this part fixed shop labor ranges from $750-1000 and the parts from $450-1000, I am going to attempt the replacement myself.

The handling on this car easily offsets its lack of exotic car power, which isn't terrible on the non turbo model if you play with the gear box properly, but its real appeal is the handling and its forgiving nature when you over steer or power through a corner faster then necessary. I take special zeal getting on highway off ramps, especially the ones that curve both directions, or the ones that connect you to another highway, the sheer speed that you can take these corners is amazing, and as the driver exhilarating, though your passengers arent as likely to appreciate the fun.

When my car is cleaned and shined with the sunroof off, she makes quite a splash on the beach, turning heads left and right. The electric adjustable leather seats make the ride to beach very comfortable and allow my 6'2" mechanic or my 5'4" self to have the right amount of room to enjoy slamming through gears and corners all day.

I paid $3500 (after replacing dry rotted tires) for my 944, have dropped less then half of that into it (including upcoming clutch replacement) and feel it was worth every dime twice. my better looking half drives a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon GT-L we pay much more for every year in bank note payments that doesnt give me half the pleasure to drive.
Amount Paid (US$): 3500.00
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1987
Model and Options: 944
Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 
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