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1989 TC

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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A rare beauty from Chrysler and Maserati

by creamyitalian:      Mar 12, 2001 - Updated Nov 26, 2002

Product Rating: 4.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Convertible, Rare, good looks, loaded with nice features
Cons: Kinda resembles a LeBaron, parts are scarce, could be quicker
The Bottom Line: Great convertible that makes a pretty decent sports car. Could perform better but has nice features and is becoming collectible. Make sure you are devoted before buying.

Only 7300 of these babies were made and only half still exist. Here's a rundown of what they're like:

Performance: The majority of 89s came with the 2.2L Chrysler TurboII 3 speed automatic (including mine). Some came with the 16v Maserati engine with 5 speed Getrag manual transmission. The Maserati engine with the five speed has 200hp and propels the car to a 0-60 time below 7 seconds and a top speed of about 135. This engine is rare and expensive to fix. The TurboII was originally 200hp (on Dodge Daytonas and Lebaron GTCs) but was detuned to 160 so it would be easier on the TC's auto transmission. There is also a lot of Turbo lag, it doesnt kick in till about 3500 rpms, resulting in 0-60 times of about 10 seconds and a top speed of 125. Overall, the performance is decent but could be significantly better. A few cheap mods (under $500) could improve accelaration by several seconds.

Interior: On the inside the TC is very nice. Everything is power: power windows, power seats, power locks. The seats are great; nice leather and with 4 adjustment controls you are bound to find a comfortable position. The dash is very Chrysler and not too exciting but the instrumentation is easy to read. The cruise control is a waste. Other Chrysler cars have this problem as well. You set the speed at 65 and it accelerates to 80 then slowly makes its way down to 60! Also, it is a two seater, so there is not a lot of room. There is a compartment behind the seats which holds the spare and a nice tool set. The trunk is small, I could barely fit my computer in there. Then again, people shopping for convertibles probably don't expect a lot of space. The sound system was good for 1989; AM/FM, Cassette, 8 speakers. Other nice features include air conditioning, rear defrost, and a nice looking shift knob. Overall, the interior is attractive but small.

The TC resembles a LeBaron. It should be known however that the TC was designed BEFORE the LeBaron but produced AFTER it. The TC's styling was exotic for the early 80s but by 1989, it was a bit outdated. The body was assembled in Italy and is almost completely Maserati. A unique feature is the the hardtop that is included. Putting the top down is a manual operation and takes about 15 seconds. The wheels are not too attractive, they are something you'd expect on a New Yorker, not a touring convertible. The wheels are 15" alloys with 205/60/15 tires. There is lots of chrome (uh..well..I mean stainless steel) on the TC which is a big plus. Overall the exterior is very nice looking, even today, and hey its a convertible!

Car Overall: The car is pretty, inside and out. Its looks and rarity attract the stares of onlookers, especially when the top is down. When stopped at a gas station or somewhere, people are always asking me about the car and making positive comments. While the performance could be better, its certainly fast enough for me and most cruisers. I doubt many drag racers would consider this car anyway! Everything in and on this car is standard, that is, there were no luxury options because every TC came loaded! Repair costs are not all that bad because the guts are Chrysler but parts are rare. A headlight costs a bundle if you can find one that is! If you own this car, join the TC Club of America so you can get parts and support. I love this car but I have to sell it. If you are interest in buying a Chrysler TC by Maserati, email me at joshuasecuro@aol.com
Amount Paid (US$): 33,000
Condition: New
Model Year: 1989
Model and Options: Automatic, SOHC Turbo
Product Rating: 4.0
Recommended: Yes 
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