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1991 DeVille

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Take This Car And . . .

by shawn4769:      Nov 4, 2002 - Updated Nov 4, 2002

Product Rating: 1.0 Recommended: No 

Pros: Lots of Interior Room, Easy to Park, Smooth and Quiet Ride, Exterior Styling.
Cons: Interior Styling, Rust, Mechanical Problems.
The Bottom Line: Nice clean styling that is distinctively Cadillac, but mine had the mechanical reliability of 1974 Chevy Vega.

My 1991 Deville was quite disappointing in most respects. When I purchased the car it was 5 years old with about 42,000 miles. The documentation was accurate and it was originally sold locally to the previous (and only) owner by the dealership where I purchased the car.

These cars have ample interior room for 4 adults to sit comfortably for almost any length of time. Both front seats were powered and had lumbar adjustments. The interior room was surprising considering that the car, while not small, is substantially smaller overall than the Devilles from 1994-1999. The size made the car much easier to park and navigate in tight spaces than most Cadillac Devilles. Riding in the car was also quite enjoyable. Road noise was minimal and while the car did have some body roll, given the way it absorbed almost ever bump in the road, it was very well balanced in terms of handling and stability. Driving the front wheel drive Deville in the snow was never a problem. The car had enough weight that it always found traction and handled snowy and icy conditions without any effort, always allowing you to remain firmly in control.

Lastly, one of the best points of the car was the way it looked, whether parked or going down the road. The Devilles through 1993 still had the chrome outside door handles with the separate button. This bit of styling was indicative of the car as a whole. It still looked like a Cadillac - there was no mistaking it - but it was much better proportioned than the 85-89 models. It was simply a garden variety Deville, but several people commented on the vehicle as being a "good looking Caddy". Exterior lamp monitors were standard on these cars allowing you to see from the sides of the hood, while looking straight ahead, if your turn signals, headlights and/or high beams were on and working. These were raked along the top of the fenders and followed the sweeping angles of the car. If you like Cadillacs, styling on this car is excellent and to me, it still looks good.

Unfortunately, my opinion of the interior is not as good. For me, functionality of the various components like radio, climate control, seat controls, etc., was excellent, but overall, the interior had not aged well. Compared to a Cadillac just 2-3 years newer, the inside of the '91 looked a little too much like a smaller version of a '71 Deville. Billowy, heavily overstuffed seats (in leather no less), lots of fake wood, heavily chromed plastic parts, and more totally extraneous and unnecessary billowy vinyl on the sides of the doors all contributed to that feeling. For me, the more I was exposed to it, the more I began to dislike it. Particularly when compared to the clean and handsome exterior, the interior was very disappointing.

Another disappointment with this car was recurring rust on the door sills. The car had not been repainted or in a collision, but a plugged drain line had trapped water in this area for years. As a result there was ongoing battle with rust in these areas, with them being cleaned primed and painted, only to have the rust come back in a couple weeks.

The reason I finally returned the car to the dealership for a refund however, was the series of mechanical faults that simply continued to get worse no matte what was fixed. First, the parking brake got stuck on, and I was stuck for the best part of half an hour trying to get the manual release to work. After that, I discovered much to my surprise, that the gas gauge would read full until approximately ONE!! gallon of gas was left in the tank, at which point it would read very low fuel and begin to chime. Needless to say, this not a good thing unless you work at a gas station. Ultimately, 4 of the 8 fuel injectors failed, a repair with a price tag well in excess of $1,000.00. All of these things happened within 3 weeks of my purchase of the car, and while the dealer did or was willing to pay for the repairs, my threshold had been reached and I returned the car for a refund.

My father had a 1993 Deville which is essentially the same car and had no problems whatsoever. Most of the other reviewers also had fairly positive experiences. I do not believe that the car had been abused by the previous owner, and even if it had been, I have no idea how any amount of neglect could have contributed to these problems. Nevertheless, this was just a car with too many problems for me and I was not sorry to see it go.

And I said to the salesman, "Take this car and . . . I don't care where you take it, just take it off my hands!"

Amount Paid (US$): 12,500.00
Condition: Used
Model Year: 1991
Model and Options: PW,PS,PDL,PA,CC,AC,8wypwrsts, trnk plldwn,ext.lmp.mntrs., IW, TW
Product Rating: 1.0
Recommended: No 
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