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1992 Prelude

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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A dream car - to fall in love with

by mehdi5:      Jan 9, 2001

Product Rating: 5.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: balance in everything, reliability, performance
Cons: small back seat good for the dog

I bought my '92 prelude as a show room car brand new. It is time for this sweetheart togo. I will miss it. I have just under 200,000 miles on it. If it wasn't for the Oil change place destroying the engine I would continue on. This car has done nothing short of giving me full satisfaction for what I seek in a car.

It is a great compromise between luxury, sport, practicality. It corners beautifully, accelerates nicely and looks absolutely gorgeous. The lines are fluid. There is nothing out there today like it. I have considered moving to Mercedes-Benz 2002 C-class and BMW 330ci but none will satisfy me like this car did.

Interior - the front seats and view are absolutely amazing. the window a-pillars (the foremost pillars) are much further apart than the '97-'01 Preludes. The sunroof is much more open than the newer preludes. The combination of the huge front window, the wide sunroof and the huge side windows, it has given me incentive to travel length wise and width wise across the states.

Comfort - the day after I bought the car I drove it from Canada to Florida. After 10 hours of straight driving what I noticed is that I was not tired at all. The seats have lumbar adjust as well as other adjustments, firm for sport cornering but not too firm to be uncomfortable. I would love to pluck this seat out of the Honda and take it to my next car. I have tried some of the Recarro seats that come close but Honda has the formula for the seat just right.

Driveability - The shifter moves through the gears as if by divine guidance. The shifter is isolated by cable so you don't feel the engine vibration. The clutch is power so you don't have to put much power in changing gear. The wheel is engine sensitive so the turn that you make at parking speeds of a 6 inch only takes 1 inch at highway speed. The engine has more than enough horsepower. The horsepower is a bit less than a similar car because it has been sacrificed for double counter turning balance cam shafts inside the engine that run opposite the direction of engine to quieten the engine down to a whisper.

Reliability - Out of the 9 years and 200,000 miles this car has only let me down once when a distrubuter cap decided to quit on me, $100. The rest of the cost has been regular wear and tear. It has saved me tons and tons of money when I compare it to my friend's BMW. This car does not know how to quit. Made in Japan only! I am a believer.

So, what can I do when the new BMW 33Ci at $40k and the newer soon to arrive Mercedes c-class 2 door at $35K is not going to satisfy me? I am going with a '95 prelude. I am going to great lengths to get this car and paint it the color that I want. Thank you, I'll continue with this dream.

Product Rating: 5.0
Recommended: Yes 

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